Modern Mirror or Standard Mirror

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Jumping straight in at the deep end with Why bother with bathroom mirrors? I mean does it matter whether you have an all singing and dancing mirror that light’s up via a sensor or is it all simply a gimmick into paying more for a simple necessity.

The premise of having a bathroom mirror is one that I can pretty much say with almost complete certainty is that every bathroom in the UK has a mirror of some sorts. The fact that everyone needs a mirror for some daily health or beauty regime whether it’s applying make up or having a shave or even simply brushing your teeth, everyone has a mirror.

So why blog about a mirror, well I’m simply asking the question why do we need hi-tech mirrors?

The choice of mirrors out there is vast and multiplying on an almost daily basis each new hi-tech mirror with the latest must have gadget on such as a radio player or mp3 player built in. With this entire choice how are we supposed to decipher which mirror is the appropriate one for our needs? I’ve split the decision making into a few short precise paragraphs which hopefully will help you to make the right decision on bathroom mirrors.

Gadgets and modern functions

Modern functions such as LED lights built into mirrors or radio players are simply fantastic innovative ideas which have been seen through from idea to full product. They are beautiful to look at and all the functions are useful if required. One modern function on some mirrors is the addition of a digital clock this I think is a pure genius idea. This in my opinion is genius mainly because I am always running late because I’m spending to long in the bathroom and there is not clock in there. Having a mirror with a clock in it means you can glance at it at any point and always know what time it is if you can spend an extra 5 minutes in the shower or have to jump out and drip dry while putting your shirt on. Such an innovative function is great if you use it and if anything could save you money by helping you to be on time for work. In short modern gadgets and functions are brilliant and defiantly add a new dimension to a bathroom mirror.

Standard mirrors

Standard mirrors are exactly what they say they are mirrors that are just standard and simple. There are no lights or gadgets attached or built into them they are simply just mirrors that reflect what is positioned in front of them. The great thing about standard mirrors is just that, there is no fancy light’s or radio that could potentially break and they are also considerably cheaper in price. There is also a huge amount of choice with different shapes and sizes meaning you don’t have to sacrifice style. But therein lies the problem with standard mirrors they are simple and don’t offer any other additional functions.

Decision Time

So in conclusion to this short but apt blog on whether you should buy a modern gadget mirror or a plain simple standard mirror is …………. The choice is up to you. I know the answer is not what you were expecting or wanting but that is the only answer that I can give. Bathroom mirrors are like any home furnishing it needs to fit in with your style and preference and has to be something that you will use. If you will use the added functions on some of the mirrors and feel they are worthwhile then a modern multifunction mirror would no doubt suit your needs. If you don’t need or like a digital clock or radio built into your mirror then a standard mirror would no doubt suit your needs. It is all down to personal preference really I mean who am I to say what bathroom mirror you should own in your home, after all it’s your home not mine.

Hope you have found this useful please by all means comment on what your preference of bathroom mirror is.

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