The complication with shower enclosures

Showers are brilliant, there is simply no denying it they are brilliant, particularly first thing in the morning to wake yourself up ready for the day ahead. They are more economical then baths due to less water consumption and you don’t have to wait 10 minutes before you can use them. So why am I getting all worked up with showers when I enjoy them so much. Well I guess it’s not really the showers which I have an issue with it’s more the copious amount of choice with regard to shower enclosures.

Shower enclosures are the part of the shower which unfortunately is just as important as the shower head and handles that constitute the actual shower. Shower enclosures are essential as they stop water getting every where and are crucial in making sure you have a happy shower. But here is where my complication begins what shower enclosure should I choose?



The option out there for shower enclosures is vast and diverse with lots of different shapes, sizes, styles and functionalities, there are Quadrant, Pivot, Hinged, Sliding, Bi-fold, Walk In and Shower panels all available, but which one to choose?

I’ve tried to split the decision down into a few very short categories which although are simple logic it’s worth reminding ourselves of these simple factors. I mean the last thing we want is to buy the wrong shower enclosure.


The first small category and possibly the most important is space. Measuring and working out how much space you have to install a shower enclosure is the first action to be taken. As if you really like a certain shower style and size but simply don’t have the space you need to re-think and find a shower enclosure suitable for the space you have available.


Budget is also a key factor in decision making with regard to shower enclosures as you may find a shower enclosure made from plated gold which is no doubt beautiful but also way out of your budget and so would have to be ruled out. So stick to your budget.


Style is all down to personal preference, what some people think is wonderful, others may be repulsed. So it’s your house and your decision so be as extravagant or minimalist as you like. As I said it’s your house and your shower enclosure so you get the style that you want.

I hope you have enjoyed this short blog on shower enclosure frustration and have found the information useful or at least a reminder of what to be considering when buying a shower enclosure. As always please leave any comments and thanks again for reading.




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