What is Your Scariest Movie Bathroom Scene?

In celebration of Halloween today, it’s only right to mention the top five bathroom scenes from movies that will leave a chill running down your spine. You may never have thought that a bathroom scene could be so scary, leave you hiding your face and maybe even letting your heart do a little jump every time you head to the bathroom later that night.

Kings Bathroom Pumpkin

Happy Halloween

What is the scariest bathroom scene you can remember from all the horror movies you have watched?

Final Destination

The final destination heart skipped horror scene was when one of the survivors went for a shower. Now we all know from the final destinations that they tempted fate and had to die so we were anticipating the worst. But this scene really got you going.

After flushing the toilet, it starts leaking over the bathroom floor, following the survivor to the shower bath where he starts the shower, but the water doesn’t catch him, even though by this stage we were all sitting on the edge of our seats in anticipation. In the shower he slips and a clothes line gets caught around is neck in a bathroom horror scene to be remembered.


One of the most famous old horror films of our time, when horror films were really scary. Psycho was set at a hotel and has to be one of the most famous bathroom horror scenes ever. A woman staying at the hotel gets into the shower in her hotel room while a killer sneaks in and stabs her, leaving a sea of red blood all over the gleaming white bathroom floor.


Another of the famous horror films with a horrific bathroom scene. The father heads into the bathroom and while looking at himself in the bathroom mirror he starts to get itchy. Before you know it he is scratching all the flesh from his face leaving bare bone, not a pretty sight.

Nightmare on Elm Street

Nightmare on Elm Street and the very famous Freddy Kreuger with his spooky hand. As a woman lies relaxing in a bubble bath, Freddy’s famous hand comes up from beneath the bubbles. A heart pumping bathroom scene that is remembered in the horror movie collection.

The Shining

Who can forget Jack Nicholson in The Shining, where he looks after an empty hotel with his family over the winter months. Of course this isn’t an ordinary hotel filled with ghosts and enough to drive anyone crazy. The well-known line in horror movie history “Here’s Johnny!” was exclaimed just after Jack Nicholson chopped down a bathroom door.

There are many others that can be named such as Shivers, Amityville Horror and Scream.

The Top Five Designer Radiators for Your Bathroom

These days bathroom are all about style, sophistication and being modern. We all want a beautiful bathroom, a space to be proud of where we can just soak our worries away in a hot bath after a long day.

A beautiful modern bathroom doesn’t just fall into place, it takes planning, time and effort. When it comes to modern you need clean lines, light colours and minimalist items. Now I’m not sure what your bathroom looks like, you may have a bathroom out of a magazine or a real cottage bathroom, but I am talking about any size bathroom and turning it into a modern delight.

When it comes to modern you are looking at white, glass and shiny chrome. Sticking with these three things will help you find the bathroom of your dreams. Then there is your wall art and what better way to turn a wall into a feature wall than with designer radiators.

Here are my top five suggestions when it comes to designer radiators:

Osimo Chrome Radiator

If you are looking for a designer radiator that can be a centre piece in your bathroom, make a statement and offer a “wow” factor, then the Osimo chrome radiator will not disappoint you. These designer radiators ooze sophistication and style. They are tall radiators and the number of bars will be determined by the size you choose.

Osimio bathroom radiator

Osimio Bathroom Radiator

These designer radiators will work beautifully in large and small bathrooms, finishing off the picture perfectly.

Davina Chrome Radiator

This bathroom radiator offers straight lines and is available in two handy sizes, making them an ideal choice for any bathroom. The straight lines enhance its modern appeal, while Davina radiators offer fantastic wall art on any bathroom wall.

Davina Chrome Radiator

Davina Chrome Radiator

Trento Chrome Radiator

Stylish, sophisticated and elegant are the words that come to mind when describing the Trento chrome radiator. These designer radiators are streamlined and ultra modern. They are a simple design that is so spectacular that they will blend in with your modern bathroom and cause a stir when anyone steps through the doors.

Trento chrome radiator

Trento Chrome Radiator Range

Rochelle Curved Chrome Radiator

Mix straight lines and curves and you get the Rochelle curved chrome radiator. With a curved front, these designer radiators add that little bit of difference to your bathroom design. The gleaming chrome is a wonderful addition to any bathroom space, the straight lines blend in with the modern feel and the curve is a wonderful addition to any bathroom.

Rochelle curved chrome radiator

Rochelle Curved Chrome Radiator

Mia Radiator

For the smaller bathrooms or those where you want a floor and wall mounted designer radiator, the Mia radiator does not disappoint. These beautiful chrome radiators come with spectacular curved bars adding richness and stylish design to your bathroom space.

Mia chrome radiator

Mia Chrome Radiator Range

How to Choose The Right Shower Tray For Your Bathroom

More homes are choosing to include showers into their bathrooms. The reason is that a shower is easy, quick and convenient. With our hectic daily lives we want fast and simple, as much as we love soaking in a hot bath, juggling work and family often don’t give us enough opportunities to enjoy this guilty pleasure.

I’m not sure about you, but my main concern when installing rectangular shower trays is that I am leaving enough floor space in my bathroom. Have you noticed how small bathrooms have become? They seems to get smaller each time a new home is built and this makes it very difficult when we have to choose new fixtures and fittings for our bathrooms.

Rectangle  Slimline Shower Tray

Rectangular Slimline Shower Tray

Rectangular shower trays are the best suited, in my eyes that is. They can be placed against a wall, set in a small recess or even placed in the corner and they don’t compromise too much floor space.

Measure, Measure and Then Measure Again

All the measuring, but believe me it will be the best decision you ever make. If you can imagine your new rectangular shower tray in position, then you need to measure to make sure it really does work.

It’s all very well having a great imagination and you know how your bathroom should look, but these rectangular shower trays come in a range of sizes and you need to ensure the one you choose is the right size, hence the measure, measure and measure again.

The reason for the three measurements is that you cannot go wrong. One measurement can have disastrous effects and delay your shower installation. All it takes is writing one measurement down wrong. So rather triple check yourself and be safe than sorry.

Check the Space

Your final step in choosing rectangle shaped shower trays is to ensure that you are not compromising your floor space and that should you choose pivot shower doors they can open with ease. There is nothing worse than having a beautiful shower and you need to try and squeeze through a small opening in the door because something is obstructing it.

I know it sounds obvious and probably trivial, but you would be amazed how many people this happens to. If you can’t open the shower door and you know it’s going to be a tight squeeze, there are so many other options to choose from, from sliding doors to bi-fold doors which will make your rectangular shower tray work anywhere in your bathroom layout.

Shower Heads to Complete the Bathroom Picture

Shower heads seem like such a trivial thing in the bathroom, they are there to wet you so you can shower. What could be more important than that?

In fact shower heads have become an integral part of any bathroom design. They can make or break your bathroom design, they can add sophistication and style and they can offer an enjoyable showering experience at the same time.

Phoenix shower head

Shower Size

Your shower size will play a very important role when you are looking for the perfect shower heads. For smaller showers the modern fixed head shower heads with arm and swivel elbow or the contemporary shower heads with swivel elbow will work wonders in the space. Even though you are in a smaller shower area, everyone in your household will require the shower heads to face different directions. Some family members may require the shower heads to face straight down while others may need them pointing a little higher, these enable the entire family to enjoy their showering experience.

Then there are the big boys of shower heads, those that offer a stylish and modern finish to any bathroom design and I believe look fantastic in walk in showers and larger shower enclosures. These include the stunning star head shower heads with swivel elbows, shower rose head with swivel elbow and the square shower heads with swivel elbows. These are masterpieces on their own and when blended in with your current bathroom design, can offer that perfect finish to the space that you can be proud of.

Choosing Your Shower Head

I love big shower heads, the bigger the better. Having larger shower heads ensures that I can stand under my shower and have the water rush over me. Of course this isn’t always practical and the one bathroom I designed, which was compact could not enjoy the benefits of these shower heads, it would have looked out of place.

The first step to choosing your shower head is to look at your current bathroom design. If you have square shaped taps in your basin and maybe your basin and toilet are square in shape, then choosing a stylish chrome square shower head can help enhance the space.

The next step is to use the space you have available. Can you imagine a small corner shower with an enormous shower head? It would look completely wrong. Work with the space you have available and choose your shower heads according to that space without overpowering the shower area with a shower head.

What’s Your Thoughts on Rectangular Baths?

There are so many varieties of baths on the market, that choosing a rectangular bath seems almost boring. But in fact, rectangular baths are now available in a choice of shapes and sizes that can complement any bathroom.

Many of us choose the rectangular baths because they will fit into your bathroom design easily, they are an easy shape to work with and when you are measuring and fitting yourself, these are the easiest to install.

Phoenix Ibiza bath

Phoenix Ibiza bath

What Type of Bath Do You Want?

When you look at the variety of rectangular baths available, what type of bath do you want? You probably thought that if you wanted a bath in your bathroom, you would have to choose the old fashioned tub that sat on the side of the room and looked dull and boring.

Well are you in for a surprise! The rectangular baths today come in one ended, two ended and even stylishly shaped designs. They all fit into your bathroom space with ease, except they are all different in some way or another.

Singled Ended Rectangular Baths

The single ended rectangular baths are the ideal choice of the smaller bathroom. These baths fit neatly against a wall offering you a stylish finish to your compact bathroom. The feature to these rectangular baths is that they have one sloped side, a place to lie back and relax after a long day at work. What’s even better if you can add a whirlpool or airpool option to these baths if you want to take your bath experience to the luxury level.

Double Ended Rectangular Baths

The double ended rectangular baths are ideal for larger or compact bathrooms and fit in neatly into an alcove or against the wall without compromising on too much floor space. While these baths may look traditional in design, they have a slope on both sides, so you can lie back on either side after a long day at work. Again you can take it to the luxury level by including a whirlpool or airpool option to your bath, offering you a relaxing bathing experience with muscle massaging jets.

Ibiza Rectangular Baths

You get home from work, you are frustrated and your shoulder muscles ache. When you run your bath you want style, comfort and practicality. The Ibiza baths offer just that and they are one of many of the bath design which is rectangular baths with a kidney shape in the centre.

This means that you have two circular shapes which join in the centre, plenty of room to lie back and relax. Add a whirlpool or airpool option to these rectangular baths and enjoy the luxury they provide.

Spectacular Glass Bathroom Basins

What are the three things you want in your bathroom besides the obvious toilet, basin and shower? I can tell you the three things I want is light, space and style. Combining these three things into any bathroom whether they are large or small, can turn your bathroom into a spectacular masterpieces.


Natural light is the best light any home can benefit from. Though we aren’t all lucky enough to have natural light flooding into our homes, especially into our bathrooms. Light in the bathroom gives the bathroom a spacious feel, so if you can you want to capture as much light as you can and keep it in the bathroom, brightening the space and making the room feel bigger than it is.

When it comes to light you can add stylish lighting, mirrors and glass bathroom basins. The basins don’t block any of the light in the room, they are there completely see through, offering a very bright and spacious look to any bathroom.


How many times have you said “if only I had a spacious bathroom.” I think everyone wants a spacious bathroom, a space where you can relax and unwind in a hot bath and a place you can move around in.

Round glass basin

Add a glass basin to your bathroom

We are not all lucky enough to have spacious bathrooms, in fact the majority of bathrooms are small and compact. The smaller the homes are built, the smaller the bathrooms get. This just means that you need to be creative when decorating and designing your bathroom.

Glass basins are a fantastic feature in any compact bathroom. They give the feeling of space by allowing the light to flow straight through them. Of course they are also modern in design, which is an added bonus.


As I said before there are three things I want in my bathroom, the first two were light and space. But it is important for me to have a stylish bathroom. The bathroom is my oasis, a place to relax when the children have gone to bed. I can lie back in my bath and soak my stress away.

While lying in the bath I want my bathroom to be a stylish and welcoming room and glass bathroom basins help achieve this. They are very modern and stylish in design and are a welcome to any bathroom design, complementing the area while enhancing any natural light that comes into the room.

The Advantages of Back-Lit Mirror Cabinets

When you add anything into your bathroom you want to know that it is useful and comes with a host of advantages. Well it’s fair to say that you get all of this with the back-lit mirror cabinets.

Now you may be wondering why I would choose to write about the advantages these back-lit mirror cabinets have to offer, but when you think of the three main things you need in your bathroom when rushing to work each morning, these cabinets cover all the bases.

Back Lit Mirror cabinet

Fair play, you can’t shower or brush your teeth in your back-lit mirror cabinet, but here is what you can do:

Remove the Messy Clutter

The first advantage to the back-lit mirror cabinets is the ability to remove all the mess lying around your bathroom. With these cabinets you now have space to store all your medicines, toiletries, make up and hair products. With these items having their own hiding place when not in use, your bathroom will begin to look neater. Now you just need to find that hiding place for your towels and the laundry on the floor that your children forget to pick up and you are on your way to a clutter free bathroom.

Brighten Up the Area

One of the things that can make a bathroom feel more spacious is light. A bathroom that overflows with natural light is a spacious bathroom, even if it’s a small bathroom, it has that wonderful spacious feel.

We can’t all have bathrooms that have natural light, our small bathroom window may not offer the light we need, so we make up for it with lighting. The back-lit mirror cabinets offer extra lighting for your bathroom while looking modern and stylish. The gentle light cascades from behind the cabinet, offering a wonderful glow of light that can help enhance the space.

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

The last advantage of a back-lit mirror cabinet is that you get a mirror to use in your bathroom. Mirrors have their own advantages, they are not only a useful essential in the bathroom, but they help enhance the light that comes into the room.

Having your cabinet, mirror and light in one place makes getting ready in the morning an easy and smooth flowing process. You don’t have to move around, but can stand in one place to grab items from the cabinet and then using the light and mirror you can see what you are doing, shaving off precious minutes in the mornings.

Do You Know What Shower Door Inline Panels Are?

Chances are you have no idea what I’m talking about until the day you choose to put a new shower in your bathroom. Once you’ve found the perfect tray and shower door you find the door isn’t big enough, it’s at this point you will learn exactly what shower door inline panels are and what a difference they can make to your bathroom.

If you are anything like me then you have an exact idea in mind as to the size of your shower tray, where it will be positioned and the shower door you’re going to put on. Sometimes these don’t all fit together and obviously you can’t have a big gap on one side, your water will just pour out onto the bathroom floor.

Sloegrin Shower Enclosure In-line Panel

Shower door inline panels offer you the ability to have the shower you want without the hassle, these fantastic panels come in a range of sizes from 210mm to 710mm, enabling you to extend your door so you can fit it perfectly to the enclosure without compromising on the shower you have.

Add an inline strengthening bar to ensure it’s all safe and secure and you are on the home stretch.

I find that many of the showers available are not exactly what I want. When I think of a shower I think of spacious with a large shower head that will drench me every time I turn the water on. The problem is that often you find the perfect size shower tray, but when it comes to finding the perfect door you are stuck.

From hinged doors to bi-fold doors you don’t have to be restricted any more, you can have the shower tray and door of your dreams and all it takes it that one additional panel that will make such a huge difference.

Another advantage of the shower door inline panels is that you get to extend your shower area, you can give yourself more room in the corner if you were worried that your shower may be that little too small. These can be used in any shower and any bathroom.

Maybe you have a shower in your bathroom and find that every time you bend over you bash the sides and just want it that little bit bigger. I’ve experienced this a few times, especially when staying in hotels. At least at home you have control over the size of the shower you install and with shower inline panels you can extend your shower to suit your needs.

The Pure Simplicity of Shower Sets

Phoenix Shower Valve with slide rail kit

Looking to give your bathroom a face lift? Maybe you’re trying to make some changes on a budget and are looking for inventive ways to improve your bathroom without laying out too much money.

The biggest mistake many homeowners make when renovating or building a new bathroom is using their budget unwisely. They spend too much on certain parts of the bathroom, leaving them short on budget for some of the more important aspects of the bathroom.

Phoenix Shower Valve with slide rail kit

Phoenix Shower Valve with slide rail kit

If you have a small budget and spend a fortune on your bath, tiles and flooring, that doesn’t leave you much when choosing your shower sets, basin and toilet. So you firstly need to work your budget accordingly, set aside amounts for each aspect of the bathroom and then stick to that budget, this way you can ensure that you share the budget equally through the bathroom and get the design you were looking for.


Bathroom design is so important when choosing shower sets. These shower sets are the easiest and most practical shower options. They include a rail which enables you to adjust the height of your shower head, the perfect choice for a family bathroom where everyone is different heights. This means you won’t be showering with bent knees, just push the shower head up to a comfortable height when you get in the shower.

Another important factor is to ensure your new shower sets match your current bathroom fixtures and fittings. If you have square taps in your basin and most of your bathroom suite is square, then choosing rectangular designed shower sets will ensure they blend in and keep the bathroom uniform. Having rounded taps in your basin and rectangular shower sets will look out of place. You want your bathroom to be a stylish design, maybe even something you could find on the front of a glossy magazine.


If you decide to put in a shower and choose the old method, it can be expensive. Piping has to run inside the walls and the shower head needs to be mounted in a set position, the problem is that you can’t move the shower head once it’s installed. With shower sets you are in control, you can change the height of the shower head and if at any stage you have a problem, you don’t have to smash down half your wall, everything is neatly combined together.

The one thing I really appreciate about shower sets is that they are an affordable option that will give my bathroom the stylish design I am always trying to achieve.

Shower Baths A Family Decision

Phoenix Space Shower Bath

The biggest debate you will face as a family when remodelling your family bathroom is whether to add a bath or a shower. In most instances fitting both is impossible due to lack of space, but you’ll always get some family members who prefer to relax in a bath, while the others need a quick shower before rushing off.

This is a discussion that could go on for weeks as both sides argue their point and try and convince everyone that their choice is the better option for the renovation. It can be taxing trying to mediate both sides, trying to keep everyone happy and seeing the convenience of the shower which will speed the whole family up in the mornings when getting ready for school and work. But you prefer the bath, a place to relax after work and unwind, so why not add both?

Phoenix Space Shower Bath

Phoenix Space Shower Bath

You don’t have to have a large spacious bathroom to enjoy the benefits of both a bath and shower, shower baths are the best decision for family bathrooms, keeping the whole family happy and enabling everyone to enjoy their preference. Do you know how much time this saves? There is no discussions or long arguments and everyone gets what they prefer and the best thing is, you don’t compromise on floor space or try and put too much into your bathroom area.

Shapes and Sizes

Shower baths come in a choice of shapes which enables you to choose the one that best suits your bathroom layout. They are conveniently shaped enabling some family members to shower and others to take baths. This way you can lay down the morning ground rules that everyone showers, which reduces the amount of screaming and banging on the bathroom door to speed whoever is in the bathroom up because you’re all trying to get ready.

Think of the convenience it will give you as a parent. You don’t have family arguments to work through on what is the better option, you keep everyone happy and you can ensure everyone showers rather than baths in the mornings, which means everyone can get ready for work and school on time and without any of the usual morning drama that most families experience in the mornings when it comes to bathroom routines.

Of course your teens will prefer the shower because chances are they’re going to be running out to meet up with friends, but if you have younger children, a bath is a safer and practical option. Shower baths lets you enjoy both, offering you the convenience you deserve in your family bathroom.