Step Forward in Time with Infinity Bathroom Mirrors

Have you always been a Star Trek fan? Now you may wonder how on earth I have chosen Star Trek as my topic of choice when talking about bathrooms, but when you look at infinity bathroom mirrors, it’s like taking a step forward in time.

When you think back to the Star Trek days when tablets were items we could only hope for and face to face calling seemed impossible, the Trekkies knew that someday it would all be possible. Today we enjoy voice over internet calling face to face with family and friends all over the world and we use tablet PC’s just like they did in the original Star Trek series.

But how does any of this relate to your bathroom? Have you see infinity bathroom mirrors? They are like taking a step into the future, they are the most stylishly designed mirrors I have ever seen which can offer a bathroom a unique “wow” factor that you won’t find anywhere else.

When you look at the blue LED infinity bathroom mirrors for example, you immediately think of something unimaginable, they would be something from the future, you are just waiting for the star ship to pull up outside and beam you up.

These mirrors are eye catching and a great focal point for any bathroom, the lights seem to fade to infinity within the mirror, turning your mirror into a decorative art piece for the bathroom.

Whether you are a Star Trek fan or not or whether you have a large or small bathroom, the infinity bathroom mirrors can offer your bathroom a centre piece that is visually appealing, stylish and adds a sophisticated flair to the space. Available with bright LED lights these mirrors use a 3D optical effect to make your bathroom the stylish space you wanted to achieve.

The best thing about these mirrors is that they are just normal mirrors until you flick the switch. You can use them in the morning when getting ready for work and then switch them on when you are having guests over to add a “wow” factor to your bathroom space. They will not only look amazing, but will give your bathroom a pleasant light that is welcoming and attractive.

You can lie back in the bath and gaze at the optical illusion of your infinity bathroom mirrors or you can just pop them on to impress your family and friends, but there is one thing for certain they offer your bathroom a very stylish wall art that makes you feel like you are walking into the future.


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