So Many Choices With Wall Hung Vanity Basins

When you think of your bathroom renovation or new bathroom what do you think of? My thoughts immediately take me to modern and style. I think everyone is trying to make their bathrooms more stylish these days, gone are the days of an old bath, basin and toilet. These days there are different shapes, sizes and colours to choose from to help you make your bathroom stylish and modern.

Envoy Wall Hung Basin

Envoy Wall Hung Basin

You don’t have to be an interior designer to plan the perfect bathroom. Wall hung vanity basins are the perfect way to add sophistication and style to any bathroom design.

Where to Start

When choosing wall hung vanity basins for your bathroom, your starting point should be measuring the area you have available for the unit. Choosing the unit too big or too small will leave your bathroom looking either cluttered or very sparce, both of which you need to avoid.

Once measured you will have an idea of the wall space you have to work with and you can then choose your wall hung vanity basins according to that size. Now while this may sound obvious, I have seen some real disasters when it comes to adding these units into a bathroom. They are such a wonderful and stylish option and will complement any bathroom, but if they are chosen wrong or the wrong size is installed, they can ruin the feel of the room rather than give it that modern flair we all want to achieve.


Your decision for wall hung vanity basins should be based on your current bathroom design and layout. You may be only replacing the basin and vanity and leaving your other bathroom amenities in place, so you need to ensure that any choice you make works with what you currently have in your bathroom.

The wall hung vanity basins are the perfect choice for compact bathrooms as the vanity unit below is the size of the basin, this means you don’t compromise your floor space and still get to give your bathroom a stylish design.

Your colour choice should also be based on your current bathroom design, these wall hung vanity basins come in stylish white and stunning light oak, both will complement a bathroom and being light colours they will help make the area feel spacious and light. You need to match the colour to your current bathroom. If you have an oak door in your bathroom or oak beams, then the oak option is the ideal choice. Sometimes the oak options work well in an all white bathroom, where they can offer some colour and texture to the room.

If you are looking at wall hung vanity basins, which one are you going to choose?

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