Shower Baths A Family Decision

The biggest debate you will face as a family when remodelling your family bathroom is whether to add a bath or a shower. In most instances fitting both is impossible due to lack of space, but you’ll always get some family members who prefer to relax in a bath, while the others need a quick shower before rushing off.

This is a discussion that could go on for weeks as both sides argue their point and try and convince everyone that their choice is the better option for the renovation. It can be taxing trying to mediate both sides, trying to keep everyone happy and seeing the convenience of the shower which will speed the whole family up in the mornings when getting ready for school and work. But you prefer the bath, a place to relax after work and unwind, so why not add both?

Phoenix Space Shower Bath

Phoenix Space Shower Bath

You don’t have to have a large spacious bathroom to enjoy the benefits of both a bath and shower, shower baths are the best decision for family bathrooms, keeping the whole family happy and enabling everyone to enjoy their preference. Do you know how much time this saves? There is no discussions or long arguments and everyone gets what they prefer and the best thing is, you don’t compromise on floor space or try and put too much into your bathroom area.

Shapes and Sizes

Shower baths come in a choice of shapes which enables you to choose the one that best suits your bathroom layout. They are conveniently shaped enabling some family members to shower and others to take baths. This way you can lay down the morning ground rules that everyone showers, which reduces the amount of screaming and banging on the bathroom door to speed whoever is in the bathroom up because you’re all trying to get ready.

Think of the convenience it will give you as a parent. You don’t have family arguments to work through on what is the better option, you keep everyone happy and you can ensure everyone showers rather than baths in the mornings, which means everyone can get ready for work and school on time and without any of the usual morning drama that most families experience in the mornings when it comes to bathroom routines.

Of course your teens will prefer the shower because chances are they’re going to be running out to meet up with friends, but if you have younger children, a bath is a safer and practical option. Shower baths lets you enjoy both, offering you the convenience you deserve in your family bathroom.


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