The Pure Simplicity of Shower Sets

Looking to give your bathroom a face lift? Maybe you’re trying to make some changes on a budget and are looking for inventive ways to improve your bathroom without laying out too much money.

The biggest mistake many homeowners make when renovating or building a new bathroom is using their budget unwisely. They spend too much on certain parts of the bathroom, leaving them short on budget for some of the more important aspects of the bathroom.

Phoenix Shower Valve with slide rail kit

Phoenix Shower Valve with slide rail kit

If you have a small budget and spend a fortune on your bath, tiles and flooring, that doesn’t leave you much when choosing your shower sets, basin and toilet. So you firstly need to work your budget accordingly, set aside amounts for each aspect of the bathroom and then stick to that budget, this way you can ensure that you share the budget equally through the bathroom and get the design you were looking for.


Bathroom design is so important when choosing shower sets. These shower sets are the easiest and most practical shower options. They include a rail which enables you to adjust the height of your shower head, the perfect choice for a family bathroom where everyone is different heights. This means you won’t be showering with bent knees, just push the shower head up to a comfortable height when you get in the shower.

Another important factor is to ensure your new shower sets match your current bathroom fixtures and fittings. If you have square taps in your basin and most of your bathroom suite is square, then choosing rectangular designed shower sets will ensure they blend in and keep the bathroom uniform. Having rounded taps in your basin and rectangular shower sets will look out of place. You want your bathroom to be a stylish design, maybe even something you could find on the front of a glossy magazine.


If you decide to put in a shower and choose the old method, it can be expensive. Piping has to run inside the walls and the shower head needs to be mounted in a set position, the problem is that you can’t move the shower head once it’s installed. With shower sets you are in control, you can change the height of the shower head and if at any stage you have a problem, you don’t have to smash down half your wall, everything is neatly combined together.

The one thing I really appreciate about shower sets is that they are an affordable option that will give my bathroom the stylish design I am always trying to achieve.


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