Do You Know What Shower Door Inline Panels Are?

Chances are you have no idea what I’m talking about until the day you choose to put a new shower in your bathroom. Once you’ve found the perfect tray and shower door you find the door isn’t big enough, it’s at this point you will learn exactly what shower door inline panels are and what a difference they can make to your bathroom.

If you are anything like me then you have an exact idea in mind as to the size of your shower tray, where it will be positioned and the shower door you’re going to put on. Sometimes these don’t all fit together and obviously you can’t have a big gap on one side, your water will just pour out onto the bathroom floor.

Sloegrin Shower Enclosure In-line Panel

Shower door inline panels offer you the ability to have the shower you want without the hassle, these fantastic panels come in a range of sizes from 210mm to 710mm, enabling you to extend your door so you can fit it perfectly to the enclosure without compromising on the shower you have.

Add an inline strengthening bar to ensure it’s all safe and secure and you are on the home stretch.

I find that many of the showers available are not exactly what I want. When I think of a shower I think of spacious with a large shower head that will drench me every time I turn the water on. The problem is that often you find the perfect size shower tray, but when it comes to finding the perfect door you are stuck.

From hinged doors to bi-fold doors you don’t have to be restricted any more, you can have the shower tray and door of your dreams and all it takes it that one additional panel that will make such a huge difference.

Another advantage of the shower door inline panels is that you get to extend your shower area, you can give yourself more room in the corner if you were worried that your shower may be that little too small. These can be used in any shower and any bathroom.

Maybe you have a shower in your bathroom and find that every time you bend over you bash the sides and just want it that little bit bigger. I’ve experienced this a few times, especially when staying in hotels. At least at home you have control over the size of the shower you install and with shower inline panels you can extend your shower to suit your needs.


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