Spectacular Glass Bathroom Basins

What are the three things you want in your bathroom besides the obvious toilet, basin and shower? I can tell you the three things I want is light, space and style. Combining these three things into any bathroom whether they are large or small, can turn your bathroom into a spectacular masterpieces.


Natural light is the best light any home can benefit from. Though we aren’t all lucky enough to have natural light flooding into our homes, especially into our bathrooms. Light in the bathroom gives the bathroom a spacious feel, so if you can you want to capture as much light as you can and keep it in the bathroom, brightening the space and making the room feel bigger than it is.

When it comes to light you can add stylish lighting, mirrors and glass bathroom basins. The basins don’t block any of the light in the room, they are there completely see through, offering a very bright and spacious look to any bathroom.


How many times have you said “if only I had a spacious bathroom.” I think everyone wants a spacious bathroom, a space where you can relax and unwind in a hot bath and a place you can move around in.

Round glass basin

Add a glass basin to your bathroom

We are not all lucky enough to have spacious bathrooms, in fact the majority of bathrooms are small and compact. The smaller the homes are built, the smaller the bathrooms get. This just means that you need to be creative when decorating and designing your bathroom.

Glass basins are a fantastic feature in any compact bathroom. They give the feeling of space by allowing the light to flow straight through them. Of course they are also modern in design, which is an added bonus.


As I said before there are three things I want in my bathroom, the first two were light and space. But it is important for me to have a stylish bathroom. The bathroom is my oasis, a place to relax when the children have gone to bed. I can lie back in my bath and soak my stress away.

While lying in the bath I want my bathroom to be a stylish and welcoming room and glass bathroom basins help achieve this. They are very modern and stylish in design and are a welcome to any bathroom design, complementing the area while enhancing any natural light that comes into the room.


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