Shower Heads to Complete the Bathroom Picture

Shower heads seem like such a trivial thing in the bathroom, they are there to wet you so you can shower. What could be more important than that?

In fact shower heads have become an integral part of any bathroom design. They can make or break your bathroom design, they can add sophistication and style and they can offer an enjoyable showering experience at the same time.

Phoenix shower head

Shower Size

Your shower size will play a very important role when you are looking for the perfect shower heads. For smaller showers the modern fixed head shower heads with arm and swivel elbow or the contemporary shower heads with swivel elbow will work wonders in the space. Even though you are in a smaller shower area, everyone in your household will require the shower heads to face different directions. Some family members may require the shower heads to face straight down while others may need them pointing a little higher, these enable the entire family to enjoy their showering experience.

Then there are the big boys of shower heads, those that offer a stylish and modern finish to any bathroom design and I believe look fantastic in walk in showers and larger shower enclosures. These include the stunning star head shower heads with swivel elbows, shower rose head with swivel elbow and the square shower heads with swivel elbows. These are masterpieces on their own and when blended in with your current bathroom design, can offer that perfect finish to the space that you can be proud of.

Choosing Your Shower Head

I love big shower heads, the bigger the better. Having larger shower heads ensures that I can stand under my shower and have the water rush over me. Of course this isn’t always practical and the one bathroom I designed, which was compact could not enjoy the benefits of these shower heads, it would have looked out of place.

The first step to choosing your shower head is to look at your current bathroom design. If you have square shaped taps in your basin and maybe your basin and toilet are square in shape, then choosing a stylish chrome square shower head can help enhance the space.

The next step is to use the space you have available. Can you imagine a small corner shower with an enormous shower head? It would look completely wrong. Work with the space you have available and choose your shower heads according to that space without overpowering the shower area with a shower head.


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