How to Choose The Right Shower Tray For Your Bathroom

More homes are choosing to include showers into their bathrooms. The reason is that a shower is easy, quick and convenient. With our hectic daily lives we want fast and simple, as much as we love soaking in a hot bath, juggling work and family often don’t give us enough opportunities to enjoy this guilty pleasure.

I’m not sure about you, but my main concern when installing rectangular shower trays is that I am leaving enough floor space in my bathroom. Have you noticed how small bathrooms have become? They seems to get smaller each time a new home is built and this makes it very difficult when we have to choose new fixtures and fittings for our bathrooms.

Rectangle  Slimline Shower Tray

Rectangular Slimline Shower Tray

Rectangular shower trays are the best suited, in my eyes that is. They can be placed against a wall, set in a small recess or even placed in the corner and they don’t compromise too much floor space.

Measure, Measure and Then Measure Again

All the measuring, but believe me it will be the best decision you ever make. If you can imagine your new rectangular shower tray in position, then you need to measure to make sure it really does work.

It’s all very well having a great imagination and you know how your bathroom should look, but these rectangular shower trays come in a range of sizes and you need to ensure the one you choose is the right size, hence the measure, measure and measure again.

The reason for the three measurements is that you cannot go wrong. One measurement can have disastrous effects and delay your shower installation. All it takes is writing one measurement down wrong. So rather triple check yourself and be safe than sorry.

Check the Space

Your final step in choosing rectangle shaped shower trays is to ensure that you are not compromising your floor space and that should you choose pivot shower doors they can open with ease. There is nothing worse than having a beautiful shower and you need to try and squeeze through a small opening in the door because something is obstructing it.

I know it sounds obvious and probably trivial, but you would be amazed how many people this happens to. If you can’t open the shower door and you know it’s going to be a tight squeeze, there are so many other options to choose from, from sliding doors to bi-fold doors which will make your rectangular shower tray work anywhere in your bathroom layout.

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