What is Your Scariest Movie Bathroom Scene?

In celebration of Halloween today, it’s only right to mention the top five bathroom scenes from movies that will leave a chill running down your spine. You may never have thought that a bathroom scene could be so scary, leave you hiding your face and maybe even letting your heart do a little jump every time you head to the bathroom later that night.

Kings Bathroom Pumpkin

Happy Halloween

What is the scariest bathroom scene you can remember from all the horror movies you have watched?

Final Destination

The final destination heart skipped horror scene was when one of the survivors went for a shower. Now we all know from the final destinations that they tempted fate and had to die so we were anticipating the worst. But this scene really got you going.

After flushing the toilet, it starts leaking over the bathroom floor, following the survivor to the shower bath where he starts the shower, but the water doesn’t catch him, even though by this stage we were all sitting on the edge of our seats in anticipation. In the shower he slips and a clothes line gets caught around is neck in a bathroom horror scene to be remembered.


One of the most famous old horror films of our time, when horror films were really scary. Psycho was set at a hotel and has to be one of the most famous bathroom horror scenes ever. A woman staying at the hotel gets into the shower in her hotel room while a killer sneaks in and stabs her, leaving a sea of red blood all over the gleaming white bathroom floor.


Another of the famous horror films with a horrific bathroom scene. The father heads into the bathroom and while looking at himself in the bathroom mirror he starts to get itchy. Before you know it he is scratching all the flesh from his face leaving bare bone, not a pretty sight.

Nightmare on Elm Street

Nightmare on Elm Street and the very famous Freddy Kreuger with his spooky hand. As a woman lies relaxing in a bubble bath, Freddy’s famous hand comes up from beneath the bubbles. A heart pumping bathroom scene that is remembered in the horror movie collection.

The Shining

Who can forget Jack Nicholson in The Shining, where he looks after an empty hotel with his family over the winter months. Of course this isn’t an ordinary hotel filled with ghosts and enough to drive anyone crazy. The well-known line in horror movie history “Here’s Johnny!” was exclaimed just after Jack Nicholson chopped down a bathroom door.

There are many others that can be named such as Shivers, Amityville Horror and Scream.


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