Choose Shower Valves to Complement Your Bathroom Design

When you choose a bathroom design, you need to choose a design you will be happy to work with throughout your bathroom. Maybe you’ve chosen to go ultra-modern on your en-suite bathroom and have chosen square bathroom products, this means all your accessories, taps and shower valves should be square.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to ensure your design choice flows throughout the space. A bathroom with traditional fixtures and fittings will look completely out of place with an ultra-modern radiator or towel rail, can you picture it in your head?

Taking that vision think of a modern bathroom, you open the door and wow, the room shouts sophistication and style. All the bathroom products from the shower to the toilet have a rectangular design. All the taps, shower valves and even the radiator are finished with high shine chrome, which just jumps out at you from the white walls and floor tiles.

Shower Valve

Concealed Shower Valve

There are splashes of colour around with bright red towels, candles and a blind. But otherwise the entire bathroom is white, glass and chrome which just shouts out modern, stylish and sleek.

Choosing Your Shower Valves

Keeping your bathroom design in mind when you first look at shower valves you should think of practicality and convenience. There are so many choices available from those with the water pressure knob on one side and the thermostat on the other to push button valves, which just add to the ultra-modern design of your bathroom.

These days most of the shower valves you will see will be finished in chrome. Chrome is striking against a light back drop, making it perfect if you have chosen white and minimalist when designing your bathroom.

Then there are the concealed shower valves, which are also stylish in design and will work really well when you have chosen rounded bathroom products. A quadrant shower tray with enclosure, a round basin and a round toilet will look great with the round concealed shower valves.

All you need to do when looking at shower valves is stand back and take a good look around your bathroom, think of what you are trying to achieve and how the shower valves you are considering will enhance the bathroom. Will then complement your radiator or taps, will they blend in with your other fixtures and fittings and do they work well with your overall bathroom design?

What Are Bottle Traps?

When designing a bathroom you need to set some of your budget aside for a bottle trap. Now you may be wondering what bottle traps are and why you would need one, but they are an essential piece of bathroom kit that can save you a fortune in plumbing problems.

Bottle traps are devices which are installed below your bathroom basin, they are what collects all the hair and debris that gets washed down the drain. These bottle traps also reduce the risk of smells permeating through your bathroom and can save you a lot of money.

Think of it this way, each morning the entire family takes turns in the bathroom, they’re brushing their teeth, their hair and the men are shaving. Eventually some of the debris will wash down your drain and get trapped in the pipes below. Without a bottle trap you will find that a really unpleasant smell will start working it’s way into the bathroom and the water will not drain very well, maybe not at all.

minimalist bottle trap

Minimalist Bottle Trap

Time to call a plumber. You spend money paying a plumber to come in and worst case they need to dismantle all your drainage pipes to find the blockage. Definitely not the situation you want to find yourself in, it’s expensive and very messy.

A basin that has a bottle trap below is so easy to clean when it gets clogged, even you can do it. Pop a bucket underneath to catch any water, remove the trap, remove the debris and your basin is working as good as new.

Matching Your Bottle Traps to Your Design

Now that you know what I’m talking about chances are you’ve seen bottle traps before and usually they’re not very pretty. But you can buy really modern and stylishly designed bottle traps that will blend in with any bathroom design.

There is the minimalist bottle traps made from chrome with a rounded edge that gleam in the light and really blend in well with the modern bathroom design. You also get the square bottle traps, these are also made from chrome with a high shine finish. The square bottle traps work wonders in an ultra-modern bathroom with squared bathroom products.

You don’t have to have a modern bathroom to use these stylish bottle traps, there is nothing forcing you to use the ugly and very old traps that most of us recognise in the older homes. The main thing when choosing bottle traps is that it does the job it is designed to do and saves you money in the long run.

Is Your Bathroom Ready?

Many people don’t realise the amount of work that goes into a new bathroom or bathroom remodel. You probably think you’ll pop online buy a few items and once they arrive you’ll install them and your bathroom is ready.

If only it were that easy, though with some DIY savvy you can remodel your own bathroom there are a number of accessories you should take into consideration such as your easy plumb and fast flow accessories.

Yes I know you’re probably staring blankly at this page right now wondering what I could possibly be talking about, but when you plan your bathroom, you really need to take everything into account.

Shower Waste Fittings

Shower Waste Fittings

Your easy plumb and fast flow bathroom accessories are all your waste fittings for your shower, bath and basin. Have you ever wondered where the water goes? If you’re having a bath and it overflows slightly the excess water escapes through an overflow pipe, but that water has to go somewhere, this is what these accessories are all about, they are all the additional accessories you probably haven’t thought about.

Bath Accessories

If you have chosen a bath for your new bathroom, the easy plumb and fast flow accessory you will need should include a plug with overflow pipe, these are joined making them very easy to install and to ensure you don’t have any mishaps in the bathroom with an overflowing bath.

Basin Accessories

For your basin you need a basin waste, somewhere for the water to go when you pull the plug. Plugs don’t come with most basins that you choose, so these easy plumb and fast flow accessories need to be chosen separately.

The advantage is you can choose from the traditional plug with chain to the push system. I’m sure you know the plugs where you push it once to seal the plug hole and push it again to release and allow your water to flow freely.

Shower Accessories

Choosing a shower for the bathroom has become a very popular choice as they save you on floor space and are a fast and convenient way to bathe when in a rush. The easy plumb and fast flow accessories for showers fit the standard shower trays and assist with the easy flow of water as you shower, ensuring the shower doesn’t overflow. They have a thick tube which offers the water a free flow to reduce any leaks or accidents.

How to Budget For Your New Bathroom

When you budget for your bathroom you need to take everything into consideration. So many people make the mistake of spending a large portion of their budget on their bath, shower, basin and toilet, they don’t leave much over for radiators, accessories and vanity units.

Before you start putting a budget together and ripping out your old bathroom, it’s always a good idea to make a complete list of everything you will need for your bathroom. Your list should include:

* Bath (if preferred)

* Shower (if preferred)

* Basin

* Toilet

* Vanity Unit

* Floor Tiles

* Wall Tiles

* Paint

* Radiator

* Bathroom Accessories such as toilet roll holders, soap dishes

* Mirror

* Plumbing Extras

* Labour

Once you have your complete list you can start shopping around for prices. Chances are you have an idea in mind of what you want your bathroom to look like. It’s at this point I measure up my bathroom and draw a layout to give me a clear indication of what I can place where.

Bath Robe holder

Cone Range of Bathroom Accessories

It’s so important to ensure everything you choose for your new bathroom works well together. I often use the cone bathroom accessories for my toilet brush holder, tumbler holder, toilet roll holder and soap dish. The cone shape is modern and works well in most bathroom designs.

When choosing a paint colour keep it light, white is still the best choice for a bathroom. The light and bright white can make the smallest bathroom feel spacious.

The Planning Stages

As you measure each bathroom item and ensure it fits into the space you have available, always ensure you leave space for your cone bathroom accessories. Leave enough room next to your toilet to place your toilet roll holder and your toilet brush holder. Always ensure there is enough space above your basin for a soap dish and tumbler holder, these items are the perfect finishing touches to any bathroom design.

Another important aspect when budgeting for your bathroom is to ensure you share the budget out evenly, you don’t want to short change yourself when it comes to buying the accessories forcing you to purchase ones that don’t work in your bathroom design.

I think the biggest problem I come across on a regular basis is people that forget to budget for their vanity unit. These are essential for any bathroom, reducing the clutter and keeping the bathroom neat and tidy.

Top Tips On How To Choose The Right Shower Tray

I always find remodelling my bathroom such an exciting time, it’s when you get to change your bathroom from something traditional to something amazing and modern. One of the hardest decisions you may need to face is what shower tray will work best in the space you have available.

We don’t all have spacious bathrooms, in fact the majority of us will be working with a smaller bathroom. There are three things I always take into consideration that makes my decision so much easier.

Shower trays

Shower Tray & Mounting Kit


Before you start remodelling any bathroom you need to work out the space you have available, this will determine whether you should go for a corner shower or a square shower tray, the space you have will determine what is right for your overall bathroom design.


You may not have realised this but your overall bathroom design plays an important role in the shower tray you choose. If you have chosen oval bathroom products including your toilet and basin, a rectangular tray will look out of place, the same applies when you choose modern and square, a square shower tray will definitely work better keeping the lines clean and crisp.


By now you’ve noticed the selection of shower trays available. There are rectangular ones, quadrant ones and square shower trays all beckoning for you to choose them. Where to start?

I find the square shower trays the most versatile of all shower trays. You can place them just about anywhere, they fit perfectly into an alcove, they work when you have two sides of wall and they work on their own with one wall and the rest shower enclosure panels.

The other advantage with the square shower trays is the space they provide, they are large enough for you to enjoy a decent shower without being too cramped. I remember using a friends shower once when every time I bent down if I dropped the soap I would hit the edge of the shower enclosure and the door would open, I soaked her floor, that was due to the fact she had the tiniest shower enclosure I had ever seen.

Even with a smaller bathroom there is no reason you shouldn’t get to enjoy your showering experience. Choose your shower tray with care, but if you want versatility, I highly recommend you see how a square shower tray will fit into the space you have available and how it can enhance your overall bathroom design.

The Deciding Factors over Whirlpool and Airpool Baths

So you’ve decided to remodel your bathroom and add a whirlpool or airpool bath. The majority of people who add these baths to their bathrooms do so for the sheer luxury of the experience, though interestingly these baths have medical properties that can assist with hypertension, arthritis and muscular pain.

When choosing to add whirlpool or airpool baths to your bathroom there are a couple of things to take into consideration to help you choose between the two. It’s interesting to note that there is not many differences when it comes to maintenance and cleaning, the only difference is one jets air while the other jets water.

whirpool bath

Napoli Whirlpool Bath

What Time of Day Will You Bath

You are right when you bath will make absolutely no difference as to which is the better option for your bathroom. Where time of day will make a difference is at night when the children have gone to bed and you have the time to run a wonderful hot bath, light some candles, turn down the lights and soak as the jets massage all your worries away.

How Long You Bath

You are right again this will also not help you when you are looking at whirlpool and airpool baths. These baths can be used as a normal bath without the jets or a relaxing spa like bath where you can be massaged by air or water and help your aching muscles.

When or how long you bath will make absolutely no impact on which of these baths are right for you.

Will Anyone Else Use The Bath

Well this point is something you should take up with the whole family, you may want to be selfish about your new whirlpool or airpool bath and keep it to yourself so you can enjoy the jets as and when you want.

Again you are right, this is going to make no impact on which one is the right choice for you.

What Will Help You Decide

For the serious side of things, both the whirlpool and airpool baths offer a spa like bathing experience. They both massage muscles, help with circulation and can do wonders for those suffering from arthritis.

They are both easy to maintain and clean, the only difference is that the one jets water and the other jets air. This means when cleaning the water one needs a solution run through it where the air one needs the jets to blow out air without water in the bath. Other than that they both offer the same advantages and convenience, so the choice basically comes down to you and your own preference.

Top Tips When Planning a New Bathroom

When planning to remodel your current bathroom or build a new bathroom there are so many things to take into consideration. It’s not just throwing bathroom items into a room, hoping it works and leaving it.

A bathroom should be well planned, organized and functional whether you are building an en-suite or a new and larger family bathroom. Here are a couple of steps you may want to take to ensure your bathroom is a room to be proud of.

Bathroom Plan

Plan Your Bathroom


Every bathroom starts in the planning stages. This is where you take your floor plan and design your layout. This is your chance to ensure you can fit that big free-standing bath, if your shower really does work in the corner and if your double vanity will fit neatly and not obstruct anything when you open the doors.

Your Design

Once you have a basic floor plan and you know the floor space you have available you can start planning your style and design. Are you going for the modern design with modern bathroom basins, a free-standing bath and rectangular toilet? Maybe you’re going the more traditional design.

Whatever your design it’s important to carry the design out throughout your bathroom and not concentrated on one item.


Colour is such an important part of a bathroom. The older bathrooms have bathroom suites that were available in a host of colours, these days it is safer to stick to brilliant white whether you are choosing your modern bathroom basins or your new shower tray.

Your walls should always be white or a very light colour. Even the larger bathrooms benefit from white or light walls. Lighter colours give the room a brighter feel and enhance the space, light walls can make a room feel much bigger than it is.

Lighter and Brighter

Which brings me to my next point. Light is essential in a bathroom, there is nothing worse than a dark and gloomy bathroom. Now you may be one of the lucky ones that has an abundance of light pouring in from a window, but for many of us we need to improvise and use back lit bathroom mirrors over our modern bathroom basins to give us that extra bit of light we need to brighten up the space.


If you have gone for the white walls and white items such as your modern bathroom basins then it’s time you start adding some accessories to finish off the bathroom picture. A bathroom mirror is always a welcome addition in the bathroom. They can stand above your basin offering you practicality and beauty. Add a bathroom radiator to a bland wall to use as a convenience and a piece of beautiful wall art.

Once you have finished stand back and soak up your bathroom masterpiece, it’s really that easy if you plan in advance.

A Bathroom Face Life Without The Expense

Your bathroom is looking tired, it needs a little something to bring it into our century. Maybe you’ve recently moved to a new home and remodelling the bathroom isn’t on the cards right now or you just want to add something different to your bathroom to give it that wow factor.

There are quite a few things you can do to give your bathroom a modern feel without paying out fortunes of money. There are small things that can make a huge difference.

Mirror cabinet with lights

Mirror Cabinet with Lighting

A Lick of Paint

Winter is here so it’s time to start all the odd jobs around the home. Winter is the perfect time to paint your bathroom, on a cold day when going out isn’t appealing, grab a tin of white or very light bathroom paint and get painting.

You can make the painting of the bathroom a fun family activity, get everyone involved. To get the modern look you will want a white, the lighter and brighter the better.

Add A Mirrored Cabinet

The one thing many of us struggle with in our bathrooms is the clutter than you end up with. From your medications to make up and toiletries to hair care products, the clutter just seems to grow. Mirror cabinets with lights are a welcome addition to any bathroom.

The mirror cabinets with lights come with a range of advantages and are an affordable way to give your bathroom the necessary face lift it deserves. Available in a range of sizes and shapes it’s easy to find a cabinet that blends in with your bathroom design, while the additional light can make a huge impact on the overall bathroom style.

These mirror cabinets with lights concentrate the light on the bathroom mirror, this means speeding up your morning bathroom routine, being able to use the bathroom without bothering everyone around you by turning on the light and adding that extra light necessary to make your bathroom feel spacious.

Add Colour

If you’re aiming for a modern bathroom you have chosen white walls and chrome taps and shower fittings. If you can add a modern radiator to your bathroom, this works as a wonderful piece of artwork on a bland wall while offering you the warmth you need when getting out of the bath on a really cold day.

You can add your splashes of colour by including brightly coloured towels, a bright blind for the window or some brightly coloured candles along the side of the bath or next to the basin.

That’s all you need to do to give your bathroom an affordable make over.

Why Use Shower Enclosure Side Panels?

Showers are a fantastic addition to any bathroom and are a common choice for the smaller bathroom, maximizing floor space and enhancing the bathroom as a whole.

These days showers are preferred in bathrooms because we manage hectic lifestyles, we want the convenience of saving water, speed and practicality and showers offer us this. This may be the reason you are thinking of adding a shower to your bathroom or replacing your bath for a stunning new shower cubicle.

Hinged Door With Optional Side Panel

Hinged Door With Optional Side Panel

Placement and Layout

Not everyone has a corner to place their showers which is where the shower enclosure side panels come into play. With these panels you are able to place your shower on just about any wall and it doesn’t need to have walls on three sides. We aren’t all lucky enough to have an alcove in our bathroom, perfect for our new shower.

The shower enclosure side panels work with the shower door to seal the shower cubicle and ensure that water doesn’t leak all over your bathroom, another subject for another day, but you can just imagine the inconvenience of mopping your floor after every shower.

The enclosures come in framed and unframed options. This means you can have a shower which has a wall on one side and the back and use the shower enclosure side panel on one side and the door on the last side, being clear glass these enhance the bathroom space beautifully.

Another option is to choose a wall to place your shower working it into your bathroom layout, using a shower enclosure side panel on two sides with the final side being the shower door always works beautifully.

Light and Bright

When working with a bathroom space you want to ensure the room is light and bright. This is done by painting the walls white or a very light colour, adding plenty of glass and adding extra light if you don’t benefit from an abundance of natural light.

The shower enclosure side panels are made of safety glass and are completely clear, this means they let the light flow naturally through them, automatically brightening up your bathroom area and making it feel spacious.

Selection is Key

Choose your shower enclosure side panels with care, ensure they work well with the shower enclosure door you have chosen and the two compliment each other well. Remember it’s all about design and ensuring that everything you place in your bathroom works together to give you the perfect space.

Fun Toilet Facts

Today is World Toilet Day. World Toilet Day is celebrated on the 19 November every year since 2001. You may wonder why we would celebrate something we are so used to having in our homes such as a toilet, but there are billions of people around the world that do not have access to this convenience.

Did you know that women are more susceptible to attack due to the fact that they don’t have a lockable toilet to use and need to go in the wild, so to speak?

World Toilet Day

Interestingly the first toilet cubicle in a public bathroom is the least used, what this means is that it’s the cleanest. So next time to use a public bathroom, be sure to head to the very first cubicle.

The most toilets are flushed at the same time is during the Super Bowl half time when everyone around USA heads to the bathroom at the same time.

2,500 times a year – that’s the average number of times you will use the toilet, that is around eight times a day for the average person. That’s a lot of time spent in the bathroom. The shocking truth is that this equates to around three years of your life, three years you spent using the toilet, now that’s a fact I bet you didn’t know.

The average person will use up to fifty seven sheets of toilet paper each day. That is a lot of toilet paper used each year.

2,5 billion people around the world do not have access to a toilet. These people are forced to go in the bush, they are more susceptible to being attacked and contracting disease. This is the main reason that World Toilet Day was introduced to improve sanitary conditions around the world.

Finally, the last fun fact is that 40,000 Americans are injured by toilets each year. How I cannot explain, but this is one fun toilet fact that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Now You Know The Facts

Now that you know the truth about the toilet on this annual toilet celebration day, you must be so pleased that you live in a country where you have a working toilet in your bathroom both at home and at work.

Never mind here in the UK there is such a wide selection of toilets for you to choose from, you can choose your toilet according to your bathroom design and not think twice about it, while there are billions of people in the world that have never used a toilet in their lives. Interesting fact, definitely.