Have You Planned the Perfect Bonfire Night Party?

What is the first thought that pops into your head when you think of bonfire night? Is it a group of friends sitting around a large fire roasting marshmallows or is it the firework display you have organized?

Bonfire night is a well-honoured event in the UK with thousands of households holding their own parties throughout the country. Of course these come with their own dangers, disadvantages and advantages.

Bonfire Party

Bonfire Party

Home parties have increased in popularity over the recent months. After we all struggled with the recession, home entertaining increased, an affordable option to get together with friends without paying out the expense of a restaurant or bar.

Now with bonfire night tonight, you will find a lot more home parties in your area, maybe some of them will have an open door policy, so you can take a sneaky peak of what they have planned to see if your party will be a raving success.

Where is Your Party?

Where are you holding your bonfire night party? Are you staying at home where you can have the comfort of an indoor space if the weather turns and the advantages of a real bathroom to be used by your guests or are you heading to the local beach to have a huge fire on the beach?

Home parties are the safest option and the ones that come with more advantages than the others. While a beach bonfire night party may sound romantic and exciting, what happens if you need the bathroom? What happens if strangers gate crash your fire? What happens when it starts to pour with rain, which could happen at any time here in the UK? You get washed out, that’s what and everyone goes home. The party is a bust.

At home you are in control. There is a proper bathroom facility, you have indoors when it starts to rain, only your friends are invited and best of all, your entire evening is planned and organized by you. You are in full control at all times.

Now you may not think having a bathroom available is important, but believe me when you are in a deserted area having a couple of drinks, a bathroom run can be a nightmare in the making. While planning an outdoor event on a deserted beach, this notion probably didn’t cross your mind. During the day the toilets are open to the public, but firmly locked at night, leaving all your guests sitting around the fire with their legs crossed and looking uncomfortable.

Taking this into consideration, a home party will not only be a better option for all your guests, but leaves them able to enjoy the festivities.


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