Why Quadrant Shower Enclosures are the Best Choice for Compact Bathrooms

So you are one of the many that are trying to remodel your very compact bathroom. As homes are built smaller these days, the one obstacle many of us face is the smaller bathroom.

Even family bathrooms are built tiny these days which leaves us all with one obvious choice, a shower rather than a bath. Placing a shower in a small bathroom immediately frees up your floor space, giving you room to move around with ease without having to pivot on one foot. As you can imagine this is a big advantage.

I think the hardest thing is trying to decide what type of shower to put into a compact bathroom, you look at the bathroom from every angle, you measure the space you have available and chances are you come up with the same solution after each measurement. A corner shower is the most logical and easiest solution for the smaller bathroom space.

Sloegrin frameless quadrant shower enclosure

Sloegrin frameless quadrant shower enclosure

The Beauty of Shower Enclosures

Right so you are standing in the empty shell of your small bathroom, staring blankly and trying desperately to vision what it will look like once you have your shower, toilet and basin in place. Now what? Well you need to choose your shower enclosure.

I doubt I need to mention this, but it’s obvious when working with such a small area that a shower door which has to swing open is not a practical solution for a room this side. You need quadrant shower enclosures that are designed specifically for corner showers and where the doors roll open on rollers, so you don’t have to worry about keeping space available for the door to swing open.

The frustration comes in when you are trying to vision the bathroom. Once you have measured up and everything starts going in and taking shape, you will be thrilled with the choice you made.

Every day thousands of households across the UK are in the same situation that you are, they all struggle with their bathrooms and have to make difficult decisions regarding the layout to avoid compromising the floor space.

Quadrant shower enclosures are not only the most practical options for the smaller bathroom, but they are stylish and offer an elegant addition to your bathroom space. Make from glass with a chrome finish, they can complement the space, offering a modern feel and making the area spacious as the doors slide easily back and forth offering ample entry in and out of the shower.


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