Adding Glamour to Your Bathroom With LED Bathroom Mirrors

I remember years ago when the only mirror you had in your bathroom was the wall hung vanity unit with a mirror on the door. These days there are so many options available, but if you are looking to add some glitz and glamour to your bathroom, then the LED bathroom mirrors are an absolute must.

When I design a bathroom there are a few things that I want. I want a centre piece, something that will give my bathroom a “wow” factor. I want my bathroom to be light and spacious and I always want one piece of glamour, something that stands out and makes a statement.

LED Bathroom Mirror

LED Bathroom Mirror

The centre piece is easy and can be achieved with a vanity unit or stunning roll top bath, depending on the bathroom size. Light and spacious can also be achieved even in the smallest bathroom with light colours, glass and plenty of natural light.

But it’s the glamour side that can often leave me wondering which way to turn. The LED bathroom mirrors are a practical, stylish and beautiful addition to any bathroom and always offer the glamorous look I was hoping to achieve.

These mirrors are available in a selection of shapes and sizes to blend in with any bathroom design. What I always do as a rule of thumb is keep my mirror in line with the rest of my bathroom design.

When designing an ultra-modern bathroom with square toilet, basin and shower, I ensure my LED bathroom mirrors are also square and the same when everything has rounded edges I follow this through with the mirror. It helps keep everything uniform and then the mirror doesn’t look out of sorts sitting on the wall.

What’s best is that these LED bathroom mirrors offer additional light to the bathroom, essential for those that do not benefit from an abundance of natural light. Light is an essential step for any bathroom, it’s what helps make the smallest bathroom feel spacious. Extra light is always beneficial whether you are trying to add a dramatic effect or just getting ready for work in the morning.

Next these LED bathroom mirrors act as a beautiful piece of art on your bathroom wall, not only do they reflect the light and make the bathroom feel bigger than it is, but the light they illuminate is warm and inviting, making them the best choice for any bathroom design.


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