The Top Five Bathroom Cupboards

Choosing your bathroom cupboards is an exciting time in your bathroom remodel. This means that you are nearing completion and that once your bathroom is complete you will have plenty of storage space for all your bathroom items from your toiletries to your clean towels.

The bathroom cupboards available come in a range of shapes and sizes, so you are guaranteed to find one that will blend in with your bathroom design and complement the space.

I would suggest if you have a smaller bathroom to choose a wall hung option that isn’t too big, but still offers you enough space to store all your items and reduce the clutter in your bathroom.

Bathroom Cupboards

Bathroom Cupboards with Drawers

Larger bathrooms can really choose what they want, though be careful you don’t make a choice you will regret later. Often the smaller bathroom cupboards will look lost in the sea of space of a larger bathroom area.

Ilario Tall Cupboard

This cupboard is suitable for small or larger bathrooms and is a wall mounted option. The wood effect can blend in beautifully with your bathroom design and these bathroom cupboards come with three sections with stylish metal handles, offering you plenty of storage space in your bathroom.

Ilario Single Door Wall Mounted Cupboards

These bathroom cupboards are the ideal choice for the smaller bathroom. They come in a stunning light brown colour and being wall mounted, they give that sophisticated design of floating. These are the ideal cupboards to be used in conjunction with a counter top basin, offering your bathroom a stylish, yet dramatic effect.

Euro 35 Linen Basket

These bathroom cupboards are the ideal choice of any bathroom, but are very beneficial in the smaller bathroom. They are floor standing units and come in a white colour, which works well in the smaller bathroom areas. The Euro 35 linen basket comes with two drawers with the bottom draw opening out with a metal rack to throw all your laundry into, ensuring the bathroom remains clutter free at all times.

Zola Tall Cupboard

If you are looking to make a statement in your medium to large bathroom, then these bathroom cupboards are what you are looking for. They are wall hung cupboards that stand 120cm high and 40cm wide, best of all they come in a sleek black colour to add dramatic effect to any bathroom space.

Euro Tall Unit

This bathroom cupboard is a floor standing unit that stands a tall 190cm. These white bathroom cupboards offer plenty of storage space for the large to medium sized bathroom. The design and colour of the cupboards can blend in beautifully with your current bathroom design offering convenience and practicality.

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