Double The Convenience With Bathroom Mirrors With Shelves

There are two things you need in any bathroom, the one is a light spacious feel and the other is a storage area to reduce the clutter than can accumulate when you aren’t looking.

My solution to the problems we face in our bathrooms is bathroom mirrors with shelves which solve both of these problems in one handy item that looks elegant and stylish on any bathroom wall, making it a focal point of beauty.

Bathroom mirror

Bathroom Mirror with Shelves

The Mirror

Bathroom mirrors with shelves come in a variety of sizes and shapes, you can easily find one that will blend in with your bathroom design, enhancing the space with ease. Of course the advantage you are looking for is not only the practical side of having a mirror in your bathroom when you are rushing to put your make up on before work, but a mirror that can help your bathroom have that light and spacious feel.

The biggest obstacle many of us face with our bathrooms is a light area, many bathrooms don’t benefit from an abundance of natural light so we have to make the most of what we get. Even the smallest window shining light into a bathroom can become an important part of your bathroom design.

All it takes is placing your bathroom mirror with shelves opposite your natural light source to enhance the space. You’re wondering how this works. Well the mirror will bounce the light away from it, this automatically brightens the room. A light room will automatically feel spacious. So all you need to make your bathroom that spacious and light room you have always wanted is to add a stunning mirror on the wall opposite your window.

The Shelves

Bathroom mirrors with shelves can be an essential item in your bathroom. I don’t know if you struggle with the same problem I face in my family bathroom, but I turn away for a few minutes and I come back to a clutter filled bathroom which I then proceed to clean up.

If everything had it’s own place then the clutter would be dramatically reduced. Being a family of all girls there is so much make up and hair products and all it needs is a few shelves to store all of these things to immediately reduce the clutter.

Bathroom mirrors with shelves come in a variety of designs, you can choose a design with one shelf or many shelves, depending on how much you need to store close to the mirror for easy access.


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