Elegant Counter Top Bathroom Basins For Any Bathroom

What is one of the first things you notice when you walk into a friend’s bathroom for the first time? Is it the overall design of the bathroom? Is it the mess lying all over the place? Or are you like me that pays special attention to the basin they have chosen.

Yes I know it sounds crazy, but I love to see what basins people have in their bathrooms. Often the basins they choose never really matches the rest of the bathroom, which is why I’ve taken this opportunity to discuss the elegant and modern designed counter top bathroom basins.

Anyone who is remodelling their bathrooms in a modern design should take a look at these fabulous counter top bathroom basins which can fit easily into any modern bathroom design, offering a focal point, a beautiful basin masterpiece and a “wow” factor that I think we all hope to achieve in our bathrooms.

Counter top basin

Counter Top Bathroom Basin

My Top Choices

There are four of these counter top bathroom basins that really stand out for me, they are all Phoenix and they all are in a brilliant white, perfect for the stylish and modern bathroom.

The round counter top bathroom basins are one of my favourites. I can picture these in a cottage styled bathroom or the most modern and minimalist bathroom. Being completely circular with a very deep bowl, these basins really stand out. What’s best is there is no place for a tap, so you can choose your taps to attach above the basin on the wall and flow like a waterfall into the deep bowl, simply stunning and very stylish.

Then there are the rectangular design. Again these are deep bowled designs in a brilliant white. What is so great about these counter top bathroom basins is that they are the ideal choice when all your bathroom items are square, such as a square shower, square toilet or even a square bath, they match the décor and add an elegant flair to the bathroom space.

There is a very unique rectangular shape as well which always catches my eye when looking at counter top bathroom basins. This design has a flat back but a curved front, again in the deep bowl design. It is unique and something different to add to a bathroom, giving it a sophisticated look and a definite “wow” factor.

And last is my favourite of all the counter top bathroom basins, the square design. This design is so unique that if I could I would have it in every single bathroom design throughout the country. These basins have a circular base that raise up into a square design with spectacular curved edges. This unique design is simple, stylish and sophisticated and is a welcome addition to any modern bathroom design.


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