What You May Never Have Known About The Bidet

I remember the first apartment I rented had a bidet in the bathroom and while I knew what it was, I really wasn’t sure why it was there. In these modern times we shower or bath on a daily basis and keep a good personal hygiene, so the bidet in my bathroom was somewhat of a mystery.

This got me thinking and with a bit of research I found out some interesting things about this white toilet looking item in my bathroom with a tap attached. Bidets originated in France way back in the early 1700’s. There are still disputes over who actually came up with the idea, but from what I can understand it was a regular site in the wealthier homes in France in those days.

Phoenix Lisa Bidet

Phoenix Lisa Bidet

Back then personal hygiene was a bath once a week, can you imagine? The thought is horrific, but back then it was common and the bidet was a bowl of water that they would use to splash water to keep their “parts” clean.

The bidet then evolved slightly and would be placed in beautifully designed wooden units, some finished in velvet for complete comfort and the stream of water was used instead of toilet paper.

Strangely enough bidets were placed in the bedroom and moved to the bathroom when indoor plumbing came into the home. I can only say I am so grateful I was born in a world where we already had indoor plumbing and bathing is a daily occurrence.

The Bidet Today

Today the bidet is a popular addition to any bathroom and they have grown in popularity throughout the world. They are popular because of their personal hygiene advantages and are often included in bathrooms for senior citizens and those with bowel problems.

When fitting a bidet into your bathroom you do need to pay attention to your bathroom design, choose your bidet and bidet taps to blend in with the rest of your bathroom décor. If you want to feel like a wealthy French man from the 1700’s then the bidet is a must for your bathroom.

Bidet taps are available in a choice of designs, each one fitted with a tap that can be moved around with ease. The single lever design of these bidet taps makes them stylish and elegant and a welcome design in any bathroom.

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