Why Use Shower Enclosure Side Panels?

Showers are a fantastic addition to any bathroom and are a common choice for the smaller bathroom, maximizing floor space and enhancing the bathroom as a whole.

These days showers are preferred in bathrooms because we manage hectic lifestyles, we want the convenience of saving water, speed and practicality and showers offer us this. This may be the reason you are thinking of adding a shower to your bathroom or replacing your bath for a stunning new shower cubicle.

Hinged Door With Optional Side Panel

Hinged Door With Optional Side Panel

Placement and Layout

Not everyone has a corner to place their showers which is where the shower enclosure side panels come into play. With these panels you are able to place your shower on just about any wall and it doesn’t need to have walls on three sides. We aren’t all lucky enough to have an alcove in our bathroom, perfect for our new shower.

The shower enclosure side panels work with the shower door to seal the shower cubicle and ensure that water doesn’t leak all over your bathroom, another subject for another day, but you can just imagine the inconvenience of mopping your floor after every shower.

The enclosures come in framed and unframed options. This means you can have a shower which has a wall on one side and the back and use the shower enclosure side panel on one side and the door on the last side, being clear glass these enhance the bathroom space beautifully.

Another option is to choose a wall to place your shower working it into your bathroom layout, using a shower enclosure side panel on two sides with the final side being the shower door always works beautifully.

Light and Bright

When working with a bathroom space you want to ensure the room is light and bright. This is done by painting the walls white or a very light colour, adding plenty of glass and adding extra light if you don’t benefit from an abundance of natural light.

The shower enclosure side panels are made of safety glass and are completely clear, this means they let the light flow naturally through them, automatically brightening up your bathroom area and making it feel spacious.

Selection is Key

Choose your shower enclosure side panels with care, ensure they work well with the shower enclosure door you have chosen and the two compliment each other well. Remember it’s all about design and ensuring that everything you place in your bathroom works together to give you the perfect space.

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