A Bathroom Face Life Without The Expense

Your bathroom is looking tired, it needs a little something to bring it into our century. Maybe you’ve recently moved to a new home and remodelling the bathroom isn’t on the cards right now or you just want to add something different to your bathroom to give it that wow factor.

There are quite a few things you can do to give your bathroom a modern feel without paying out fortunes of money. There are small things that can make a huge difference.

Mirror cabinet with lights

Mirror Cabinet with Lighting

A Lick of Paint

Winter is here so it’s time to start all the odd jobs around the home. Winter is the perfect time to paint your bathroom, on a cold day when going out isn’t appealing, grab a tin of white or very light bathroom paint and get painting.

You can make the painting of the bathroom a fun family activity, get everyone involved. To get the modern look you will want a white, the lighter and brighter the better.

Add A Mirrored Cabinet

The one thing many of us struggle with in our bathrooms is the clutter than you end up with. From your medications to make up and toiletries to hair care products, the clutter just seems to grow. Mirror cabinets with lights are a welcome addition to any bathroom.

The mirror cabinets with lights come with a range of advantages and are an affordable way to give your bathroom the necessary face lift it deserves. Available in a range of sizes and shapes it’s easy to find a cabinet that blends in with your bathroom design, while the additional light can make a huge impact on the overall bathroom style.

These mirror cabinets with lights concentrate the light on the bathroom mirror, this means speeding up your morning bathroom routine, being able to use the bathroom without bothering everyone around you by turning on the light and adding that extra light necessary to make your bathroom feel spacious.

Add Colour

If you’re aiming for a modern bathroom you have chosen white walls and chrome taps and shower fittings. If you can add a modern radiator to your bathroom, this works as a wonderful piece of artwork on a bland wall while offering you the warmth you need when getting out of the bath on a really cold day.

You can add your splashes of colour by including brightly coloured towels, a bright blind for the window or some brightly coloured candles along the side of the bath or next to the basin.

That’s all you need to do to give your bathroom an affordable make over.

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