Top Tips When Planning a New Bathroom

When planning to remodel your current bathroom or build a new bathroom there are so many things to take into consideration. It’s not just throwing bathroom items into a room, hoping it works and leaving it.

A bathroom should be well planned, organized and functional whether you are building an en-suite or a new and larger family bathroom. Here are a couple of steps you may want to take to ensure your bathroom is a room to be proud of.

Bathroom Plan

Plan Your Bathroom


Every bathroom starts in the planning stages. This is where you take your floor plan and design your layout. This is your chance to ensure you can fit that big free-standing bath, if your shower really does work in the corner and if your double vanity will fit neatly and not obstruct anything when you open the doors.

Your Design

Once you have a basic floor plan and you know the floor space you have available you can start planning your style and design. Are you going for the modern design with modern bathroom basins, a free-standing bath and rectangular toilet? Maybe you’re going the more traditional design.

Whatever your design it’s important to carry the design out throughout your bathroom and not concentrated on one item.


Colour is such an important part of a bathroom. The older bathrooms have bathroom suites that were available in a host of colours, these days it is safer to stick to brilliant white whether you are choosing your modern bathroom basins or your new shower tray.

Your walls should always be white or a very light colour. Even the larger bathrooms benefit from white or light walls. Lighter colours give the room a brighter feel and enhance the space, light walls can make a room feel much bigger than it is.

Lighter and Brighter

Which brings me to my next point. Light is essential in a bathroom, there is nothing worse than a dark and gloomy bathroom. Now you may be one of the lucky ones that has an abundance of light pouring in from a window, but for many of us we need to improvise and use back lit bathroom mirrors over our modern bathroom basins to give us that extra bit of light we need to brighten up the space.


If you have gone for the white walls and white items such as your modern bathroom basins then it’s time you start adding some accessories to finish off the bathroom picture. A bathroom mirror is always a welcome addition in the bathroom. They can stand above your basin offering you practicality and beauty. Add a bathroom radiator to a bland wall to use as a convenience and a piece of beautiful wall art.

Once you have finished stand back and soak up your bathroom masterpiece, it’s really that easy if you plan in advance.


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