Top Tips On How To Choose The Right Shower Tray

I always find remodelling my bathroom such an exciting time, it’s when you get to change your bathroom from something traditional to something amazing and modern. One of the hardest decisions you may need to face is what shower tray will work best in the space you have available.

We don’t all have spacious bathrooms, in fact the majority of us will be working with a smaller bathroom. There are three things I always take into consideration that makes my decision so much easier.

Shower trays

Shower Tray & Mounting Kit


Before you start remodelling any bathroom you need to work out the space you have available, this will determine whether you should go for a corner shower or a square shower tray, the space you have will determine what is right for your overall bathroom design.


You may not have realised this but your overall bathroom design plays an important role in the shower tray you choose. If you have chosen oval bathroom products including your toilet and basin, a rectangular tray will look out of place, the same applies when you choose modern and square, a square shower tray will definitely work better keeping the lines clean and crisp.


By now you’ve noticed the selection of shower trays available. There are rectangular ones, quadrant ones and square shower trays all beckoning for you to choose them. Where to start?

I find the square shower trays the most versatile of all shower trays. You can place them just about anywhere, they fit perfectly into an alcove, they work when you have two sides of wall and they work on their own with one wall and the rest shower enclosure panels.

The other advantage with the square shower trays is the space they provide, they are large enough for you to enjoy a decent shower without being too cramped. I remember using a friends shower once when every time I bent down if I dropped the soap I would hit the edge of the shower enclosure and the door would open, I soaked her floor, that was due to the fact she had the tiniest shower enclosure I had ever seen.

Even with a smaller bathroom there is no reason you shouldn’t get to enjoy your showering experience. Choose your shower tray with care, but if you want versatility, I highly recommend you see how a square shower tray will fit into the space you have available and how it can enhance your overall bathroom design.


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