How to Budget For Your New Bathroom

When you budget for your bathroom you need to take everything into consideration. So many people make the mistake of spending a large portion of their budget on their bath, shower, basin and toilet, they don’t leave much over for radiators, accessories and vanity units.

Before you start putting a budget together and ripping out your old bathroom, it’s always a good idea to make a complete list of everything you will need for your bathroom. Your list should include:

* Bath (if preferred)

* Shower (if preferred)

* Basin

* Toilet

* Vanity Unit

* Floor Tiles

* Wall Tiles

* Paint

* Radiator

* Bathroom Accessories such as toilet roll holders, soap dishes

* Mirror

* Plumbing Extras

* Labour

Once you have your complete list you can start shopping around for prices. Chances are you have an idea in mind of what you want your bathroom to look like. It’s at this point I measure up my bathroom and draw a layout to give me a clear indication of what I can place where.

Bath Robe holder

Cone Range of Bathroom Accessories

It’s so important to ensure everything you choose for your new bathroom works well together. I often use the cone bathroom accessories for my toilet brush holder, tumbler holder, toilet roll holder and soap dish. The cone shape is modern and works well in most bathroom designs.

When choosing a paint colour keep it light, white is still the best choice for a bathroom. The light and bright white can make the smallest bathroom feel spacious.

The Planning Stages

As you measure each bathroom item and ensure it fits into the space you have available, always ensure you leave space for your cone bathroom accessories. Leave enough room next to your toilet to place your toilet roll holder and your toilet brush holder. Always ensure there is enough space above your basin for a soap dish and tumbler holder, these items are the perfect finishing touches to any bathroom design.

Another important aspect when budgeting for your bathroom is to ensure you share the budget out evenly, you don’t want to short change yourself when it comes to buying the accessories forcing you to purchase ones that don’t work in your bathroom design.

I think the biggest problem I come across on a regular basis is people that forget to budget for their vanity unit. These are essential for any bathroom, reducing the clutter and keeping the bathroom neat and tidy.

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