Is Your Bathroom Ready?

Many people don’t realise the amount of work that goes into a new bathroom or bathroom remodel. You probably think you’ll pop online buy a few items and once they arrive you’ll install them and your bathroom is ready.

If only it were that easy, though with some DIY savvy you can remodel your own bathroom there are a number of accessories you should take into consideration such as your easy plumb and fast flow accessories.

Yes I know you’re probably staring blankly at this page right now wondering what I could possibly be talking about, but when you plan your bathroom, you really need to take everything into account.

Shower Waste Fittings

Shower Waste Fittings

Your easy plumb and fast flow bathroom accessories are all your waste fittings for your shower, bath and basin. Have you ever wondered where the water goes? If you’re having a bath and it overflows slightly the excess water escapes through an overflow pipe, but that water has to go somewhere, this is what these accessories are all about, they are all the additional accessories you probably haven’t thought about.

Bath Accessories

If you have chosen a bath for your new bathroom, the easy plumb and fast flow accessory you will need should include a plug with overflow pipe, these are joined making them very easy to install and to ensure you don’t have any mishaps in the bathroom with an overflowing bath.

Basin Accessories

For your basin you need a basin waste, somewhere for the water to go when you pull the plug. Plugs don’t come with most basins that you choose, so these easy plumb and fast flow accessories need to be chosen separately.

The advantage is you can choose from the traditional plug with chain to the push system. I’m sure you know the plugs where you push it once to seal the plug hole and push it again to release and allow your water to flow freely.

Shower Accessories

Choosing a shower for the bathroom has become a very popular choice as they save you on floor space and are a fast and convenient way to bathe when in a rush. The easy plumb and fast flow accessories for showers fit the standard shower trays and assist with the easy flow of water as you shower, ensuring the shower doesn’t overflow. They have a thick tube which offers the water a free flow to reduce any leaks or accidents.

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