How To Install A Hinged Door Shower Enclosure

Hinged door shower enclosures are often chosen because they offer a swing open door that offers plenty of space when getting in and out of the shower. They are also one of the easiest to clean and offer a modern and minimalist design for the modern bathroom.

If you intend installing your hinged door shower enclosure yourself then you will need some DIY knowledge. In fact on paper, these enclosures are really easy to install, but when it gets down to it you need to ensure that the work you have carried out is water tight and will not leak.

Hinged Doors Shower Enclosure

Hinged Doors Shower Enclosure

Always Plan in Advance

Planning is a crucial step when installing hinged shower door enclosures. You need to measure the area you have available for your shower enclosure. Measure your tray from front to back and also from side to side, top to bottom. Remember to do these measurements a couple of times, rather be safe than sorry.

Measure the opening space you have available for your hinged door. Bear in mind these doors swing open so you need to ensure there are no obstacles in the way.

Start Your Installation

For this exercise I am presuming your shower tray is already in place, plumbed and ready to go, all you need to do now is attach your hinged door shower enclosure to complete the picture.

On the side of your shower measure where you want your door to sit, place the jamb against the wall using a spirit level to ensure it is straight. Your next step will be to mark any drill holes on the wall with a pencil and then drill the holes ready to place the jamb.

It’s always advisable to use anchors in each of the holes to ensure they are strong enough and hold the screws in place. Once your jamb is in place you can start installing your door.

Hold your hinged door shower enclosure up against the opening to ensure it’s straight and that it can open with ease, also that the entire area is sealed once the door is closed. Drill the door into place double checking that the door opens out from the shower and not in.

Your hinged door shower enclosure should now be in place. You can test it for leaks and get ready for your first shower in your new shower enclosure.


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