Add An Elegant Finish To Your Bathroom With Wall Hung Vanity Units

Phoenix Wall Hung Vanity Unit

Wall Hung Vanity Unit

When you have planned your perfect bathroom for so long when it comes time that the work actually begins, it’s overwhelming. But there is one little thing you really should set some budget aside for and that’s your vanity unit.

Vanity units are essential in any bathroom, they reduce clutter and can really help keep your bathroom neat and tidy. There are so many to choose from, but if you have chosen a modern bathroom design, then the wall hung vanity units will continue the elegance and style that you have already created in your bathroom.


Wall hung vanity units come with so many advantages. Of course the first is that they are a place to store all your bathroom items from your towels to toiletries and make up, this helps reduce the amount of stuff you have lying around the bathroom, keeping it neat and tidy for those unexpected visitors.

I cannot remember how many times the doorbell has rung and I’ve run around like a crazy person trying to tidy up the bathroom. With a house full, this can be a really challenging experience, especially with teenage girls in the house that use more hair products and make up I ever knew existed. The wall hung vanity units gave them a place to store all their items, keeping my bathroom completely clutter free and keeping me sane when the door bell rings when I’m not expecting it to.


I think the greatest thing about the wall hung vanity units is the fact they are available in a range of sizes and colours which enables you to put one in your compact en-suite or your large family bathroom. Of course you want your vanity unit to blend in with your overall design and a unit that is too small will look lost on a wall in a spacious bathroom, but a large unit in a compact bathroom can really hinder the space you have available.

Being available in a selection of colours means you can carry your colour scheme through the entire bathroom, if you have gone for the minimalist look there is beautiful gloss white wall hung vanity units and if you’re looking to make a statement, there is the sleek black designs available.

The wooden wall hung vanity units are light oak in colour which really add some texture to an all white bathroom, this works really well if you have an oak door, for example.


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