A Luxurious Bathroom Design

Roll top bath

Double Ended Roll Top Bath

I really think at some stage we all want a little bit of luxury in our bathroom. If you are anything like me after a day of juggling work, home and the family all you want to do is soak in a hot bubble bath.

When you get into the bath and start soaking, are your surrounded by peaceful tranquillity and luxury? What I did is turn my bathroom into my own haven, a place to unwind with delightful scented candles and relaxing bath salts.


On an average day I will get up before the birds, I’m sure you’ve been there, I get everything ready for the day before waking up the family. It is then a whirlwind as everyone rushes around the house to get ready and then we all run out the door in different directions.

After work I pick up the children and get them to their after school piano lessons, football games and dance classes before dashing home to start getting tea ready. Believe me by the time everyone goes to bed I just want to climb into my roll top bath and soak the day away.

My Bathroom Designs

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a haven in your bathroom, all you need is roll top baths, wonderfully scented candles and some relaxing bubble bath or bubble salts. I lock the bathroom door and escape for about an hour each night, I think I deserve this little time to myself each night, it’s something I do for me.

The reason I chose roll top baths is because you can sink into them, they are so deep, so you’re not left with your knees sticking out or not being able to cover yourself with water when you lie back, which happens with so many of the traditional baths.

Another reason is the way they look. Roll top baths are elegant, sophisticated and stylish and the minute you place one in your bathroom it becomes the bathroom centre-piece. You can place yours flat against the wall under a window, that always looks so appealing to the eye or you can place it with one side against the wall, the roll top baths are available in a range of designs enabling you to find one that works with your overall bathroom design, so you can put your own little piece of paradise together in your bathroom.

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