The Simplistic Beauty of Walk In Shower Enclosures

Designing a bathroom takes time, planning and imagination. We all want our bathrooms to be beautiful, modern, spectacular even. Getting there takes careful planning and organization, determining what we can place in our bathroom, what products will work best and what accessories we need.

For those of us who have a large bathroom we can really splash out, going for the ultimate in luxury and design. The compact bathroom is more limited and often is where you will find a shower rather than a bath. So how do you choose the best shower, where to place everything and your final accessories?

Walk In Shower Enclosure

Curved Walk In Shower Enclosure

Bathroom Layout

Your first step in the bathroom planning process should be to measure your bathroom, this will give you an indication of what you can place in there. For larger bathrooms walk in showers look fantastic and they are practical and convenient, combine these with the simplistic beauty of the walk in shower enclosures and you will have a stylish, sophisticated and very modern bathroom design.

The aim of your bathroom layout is to ensure that all the items you want to place in your bathroom will fit and will work well together. You can measure your walk in shower to determine the best place to put it, measure your vanity, toilet and if you are also adding a bath, measure that too.


These days the majority of us go modern the minute we have the opportunity to remodel our bathrooms. The modern design is crisp, clean lines and stylish. This is where the walk in shower enclosures come in they are so minimalistic, but make a statement. A pane of clear class with chrome fittings make these shower enclosures a top choice for anyone remodelling a larger bathroom.

Keep your design flowing, if you have chosen modern with plenty of white, glass and chrome, keep that flowing throughout your design from your walk in shower enclosures to your basin, toilet and vanity.


Bathroom accessories can finish off your bathroom project beautifully. From stylish mirrors to modern radiators, combine these with your bathroom products already installed such as your walk in shower enclosure and your bathroom will be finished to perfection.

The trick is to choose everything for your new bathroom ensuring that they all blend in with each other and complement each other. Once you have achieved this and what you have chosen works in your bathroom space without compromising floor space you are left with a modern and stylish bathroom.

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