Which Bathroom Mirror Is Right For My Home?

There are so many fantastic bathroom mirror designs available these days and choosing can prove difficult for many of us. There is a little trick I learned years ago when it comes to finding the perfect mirror, you need to look at the mirrors available and with your layout in hand, try and imagine the mirror on your bathroom wall, how will it complement the space, how will it be of convenience to you and how will it enhance your bathroom?

Of all the mirrors available, my favourite is still plain bathroom mirrors, they are minimalistic in design, no frills or fuss and no additional lighting to wire in during installation. But that being said, you need to know all the mirrors available to decide which one will work best in your bathroom design.

LED Bathroom Mirror

LED Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom Mirrors That Include Lighting

There are a number of bathroom mirrors that include lighting, such as the back lit bathroom mirrors. These mirrors offer convenience and practicality and are good when you have a smaller bathroom that doesn’t benefit from natural light, the additional lighting can make a huge difference in these bathroom designs.

Then there are the infinity mirrors, I’m sure you’ve seen these before they have lights that seem to disappear inside the mirror. These are the ideal choice for the ultra modern bathroom enabling you to make your mirror a centre piece. Don’t be fooled though, these mirrors offer good reflections and additional lighting when you need it most.

The Shelf Kind

Then you get the bathroom mirrors which incorporate shelves. These are very handy in bathrooms where you are limited in storage space. You can place all your make up and other items on the shelves and have them within easy reach of the mirror. They are stylish in design and work in both the modern and more traditional bathrooms.

Plain Bathroom Mirrors

There are my favourites, the plain bathroom mirrors. These mirrors have no lighting, no shelves, they are minimalistic which makes them the ideal choice for the ultra modern bathroom or the traditional bathroom. They come in a range of shapes and sizes which also means you can find one that works well with your overall bathroom design.

With so many bathroom mirrors to choose from, you do have to take your time and try and imagine the mirror on your wall. Remember a bathroom mirror should be a convenience but at the same time it should reflect light and be stylish, all at the same time.


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