Does Your Shower Work For You?

I think one of the hardest things in a bathroom is finding the right shower to suit the entire family. When you are working with a family where everyone is different heights and ages, finding a shower that works can be a nightmare.

You go and shower and the shower head is in the perfect position, but when your partner goes to shower the shower head is too low and then the children head to the shower and the water barely touches them because it’s way too high. It’s really difficult keeping everyone in the family happy when it comes to your shower, this is where slide rail kits come in, they are the solution to your problem.

phoenix slide rail kit

Phoenix slide rail kit

Once you realise that your shower really doesn’t work for you and your family, you can start looking at slide rail kits. I’m sure you’ve seen them before, they enable you to move the shower head up and down a slide rail to get it to the correct height, they are so easy to use and offer convenience and practicality.

Keep Up Appearances

Just because you have realised that your shower doesn’t work for your family and are looking at slide rail kits for your shower doesn’t mean that you need to lose the stylish design of your bathroom.

The slide rail kits are available in modern designs enabling you to find one that blends in with your current bathroom décor, that is stylish and elegant. This means that your can ensure your bathroom keeps its appearance and still enjoy the convenience that these rail kits have to offer.

Take Control of Your Shower

Who ever thought you would say those words, “I have taken control of my shower.” But in fact with the slide rail kits you are taking control, you are ensuring the showering experience is easy and practical for the whole family. These kits are easy to install and so easy to use, even the children in the family can manage the height adjustment with ease.

Over and above being convenient and practical, they are stylish and will work in any bathroom design whether you have an ultra-modern bathroom or a traditional one. With so many great design choices available it is easy to find slide rail kits that will complement your bathroom.


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