Fun Toilet Facts From Kings Bathroom

Everyone uses the toilet, they are items in our homes we just expect to be there and with Christmas being just around the corner and guests coming to stay in our homes, these household items will be used more than ever before.

Did you know that the average person uses the toilet 2,500 times a year? That is three years of your life you spend with your toilet.

The funniest fact is that there is someone out there in the world that made a toilet paper wedding dress. Now I know toilets are an important part of our lives and we cannot live without them, but this is taking it a little too far wouldn’t you think?

King George II had an accident in 1760 and fell off the toilet, this accident resulted in his death. Except for the film “Psycho” I never dreamed toilets could be linked with fear and danger.

Flushing toilets were invented in 1596, the first one was invented for Queen Elizabeth by Sir John Harrington.

Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I

We are so lucky we live in the era we live in because toilet paper on a roll was only invented in 1890, before that toilet paper was just a sheet of paper with the first toilet paper being used as far back at 1391AD.

When it comes to toilets you wouldn’t think there would be so many interesting facts, but between the toilets themselves and the toilet paper there are a number of great facts including the fact that there we use an average of fifty seven sheets of toilet paper each and every day.

A good fact to know is when you walk into public toilets the first cubicle is the one that is least used, so head for this one when you can because it’s guaranteed to be cleaner.

Now if you are a woman you probably love jewellery, but would you consider a gold toilet? There is a twenty four carat gold toilet, considered the most luxurious in the world, located in the Hall of Gold in Hong Kong.

The last interesting fact you may have never known about toilets is that the average life span of a toilet is fifty years. That’s really not bad going when you are remodelling your bathroom and don’t want to choose a more expensive toilet because you’re worried it will be money wasted. Now you know your toilet is durable and will last for many years.

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