Get Your Bathroom in Tip Top Shape For Christmas

Christmas is only a week away and if you have guests arriving, you’ll want to start getting your bathroom in tip top shape now. It’s time for cleaning, scrubbing, hanging tiles and getting rid of the clutter.

I don’t know about you but my home is easy to get clean, but my bathroom tends to be a nightmare, the whole family use one bathroom leaving all their bathroom products lying just about anywhere and now there is guests coming to stay and they will need space for all their bathroom items too. A nightmare in the happening.

What I suggest is start with a good clean. Choose the towels you want to put out and maybe add a few scented candles. The candles not only look great, but they give the bathroom a pleasant aroma.

Stainless Steel mirror cabinet

Lucido Triple Door Mirror Cabinet

Next you’ll want to start reducing the clutter, stainless steel mirror cabinets work really well for that and they are the ideal whether you have a modern or traditional bathroom.

The stainless steel mirror cabinets give you that extra storage space you so desperately need, reducing the clutter in your bathroom and helping you get it ready for the Christmas holidays. The great thing is that these cabinets are affordable and can be such a useful item for your bathroom this holiday season.


These stainless steel mirror cabinets come in a range of sizes and shapes to blend in with any bathroom design. If you are limited on space, use one of the corner cabinets with ample storage for all your toiletries, make up and hair care products.

If you have a large bathroom the triple door stainless steel mirror cabinets are wonderful additions to your bathroom offering more than enough space for the whole family to have their own place to put their bathroom items.

Another Advantage

There is another advantage to these mirror cabinets, that’s right they’re also a mirror. This means you can enjoy the practicality of having your bathroom items stored where your mirror is, this can save you time in the mornings when getting ready. You don’t end up digging around the bathroom looking for your mascara, but open the door, take it out, close the door, use your mirror and you are ready to go.

After so long of fighting the family to tidy up after themselves in the bathroom, the stainless steel mirror cabinets were a great solution to a messy problem.

Does Your Shower Work For You?

I think one of the hardest things in a bathroom is finding the right shower to suit the entire family. When you are working with a family where everyone is different heights and ages, finding a shower that works can be a nightmare.

You go and shower and the shower head is in the perfect position, but when your partner goes to shower the shower head is too low and then the children head to the shower and the water barely touches them because it’s way too high. It’s really difficult keeping everyone in the family happy when it comes to your shower, this is where slide rail kits come in, they are the solution to your problem.

phoenix slide rail kit

Phoenix slide rail kit

Once you realise that your shower really doesn’t work for you and your family, you can start looking at slide rail kits. I’m sure you’ve seen them before, they enable you to move the shower head up and down a slide rail to get it to the correct height, they are so easy to use and offer convenience and practicality.

Keep Up Appearances

Just because you have realised that your shower doesn’t work for your family and are looking at slide rail kits for your shower doesn’t mean that you need to lose the stylish design of your bathroom.

The slide rail kits are available in modern designs enabling you to find one that blends in with your current bathroom décor, that is stylish and elegant. This means that your can ensure your bathroom keeps its appearance and still enjoy the convenience that these rail kits have to offer.

Take Control of Your Shower

Who ever thought you would say those words, “I have taken control of my shower.” But in fact with the slide rail kits you are taking control, you are ensuring the showering experience is easy and practical for the whole family. These kits are easy to install and so easy to use, even the children in the family can manage the height adjustment with ease.

Over and above being convenient and practical, they are stylish and will work in any bathroom design whether you have an ultra-modern bathroom or a traditional one. With so many great design choices available it is easy to find slide rail kits that will complement your bathroom.

Corner Baths – The Ideal Choice For Any Bathroom

The benefit of corner baths is how much floor space you can save, the ability to neatly tuck your bath in the corner leaves you plenty of room in any bathroom to put other bathroom products without the bathroom looking too cluttered.

For many of us we think of a corner bath and immediately we imagine a bath with a rounded front and triangular back that fits neatly in the corner. Yes these designs are available and they are stylish and elegant and always offer that modern twist in any bathroom design.

What you may not realise is that there are many other options. A corner bath doesn’t need to be triangular in design, in fact you can have a rectangular bath for along the wall that is specifically designed to fit in the corner at one side.

phoenix duo corner bath

Phoenix Duo Whirlpool Corner Bath

How To Choose

When choosing corner baths for your bathroom it’s important that you measure the space you have available to ensure the bath will fit with ease. The benefit of corners baths is that they don’t compromise your floor space, so you need to take this on board and ensure that you don’t reduce your floor space too much by installing one of these fantastic bath options.

Space is a huge factor when choosing to add any bath to your bathroom design, luckily corner baths enable you to enjoy the luxury of a bath in a smaller bathroom design. By saving floor space you are able to still include a toilet, basin and even a vanity and still have space to move around with ease.

Design Choices

When it comes to design options, as I mentioned before you will not struggle with choices available.

The Monaco corner baths are the traditional styled corner bath with the perfect corner fit and rounded front, they will blend in with any bathroom design.

Then there is the Saranto corner baths, these are my favourites. They are unusual in shape with very straight sides, ideal for the modern bathroom where you want to get away from the rectangular or square design, but don’t want the rounded shape.

Space corner baths have the ideal corner positioning with a narrow and wider side to the bath along with a straight edge. These are the perfect choice for any bathroom whether you have a modern or traditional bathroom.

Lastly the Legato corner baths are modern and stylish with a unique hexagon style shape to work with any bathroom design.

Top Tips For Choosing Bathroom Basins

Whether you are searching online or you have wandered from store to store looking for a bathroom basin, there are a few tips that can really help you find the ones that best work with your bathroom design.


The first thing you should do before you even start looking at bathroom basins is to put a budget together. If you are remodelling your entire bathroom, set your budget for each item you need, this will make it so much easier when it comes to what is available for you.

wall hung basin

Envoy Wall Hung Basin

While there are many different types of bathroom basins, they vary in price. Having a budget can reduce your search, making it easier to find the perfect basin for your bathroom.


Bathroom basins don’t only come in one design, there are plenty of them and you need some idea of what you are looking for. Modern bathrooms will look spectacular with inset basins while the modern traditional bathroom may benefit from wall hung or modern basins.

Whenever you are looking at the basin designs available you need to ensure they will blend in with your current bathroom design, they will work with your bathroom products you have already chosen and most of all, they will make a statement.

The inset basins not only make a statement, they are modern and exceptionally stylish and will definitely become the talking point of your bathroom design. They are easy to install and recessed into a worktop, they are minimalistic and sophisticated.


While design and budget are very important when looking for bathroom basins, practicality is just as important. You need to look at how practical the basin is in your bathroom. For compact bathrooms inset basins can be the best choice, they reduce the amount of floor space you need, making them a very practical choice.

Every day people make mistakes when choosing their bathroom basins, it’s easy to think that a basin will work but once your bathroom is completed, your basin doesn’t do the room justice. This is why you need a plan, a bathroom layout and a vision. Being able to imagine your completed bathroom will help you make the right choice, carrying the same style throughout your bathroom really helps. Choose inset basins when you are designing a modern bathroom, ensure your basin works with your toilet and bath, choose your taps to match throughout and enjoy the finished product.

Which Bathroom Mirror Is Right For My Home?

There are so many fantastic bathroom mirror designs available these days and choosing can prove difficult for many of us. There is a little trick I learned years ago when it comes to finding the perfect mirror, you need to look at the mirrors available and with your layout in hand, try and imagine the mirror on your bathroom wall, how will it complement the space, how will it be of convenience to you and how will it enhance your bathroom?

Of all the mirrors available, my favourite is still plain bathroom mirrors, they are minimalistic in design, no frills or fuss and no additional lighting to wire in during installation. But that being said, you need to know all the mirrors available to decide which one will work best in your bathroom design.

LED Bathroom Mirror

LED Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom Mirrors That Include Lighting

There are a number of bathroom mirrors that include lighting, such as the back lit bathroom mirrors. These mirrors offer convenience and practicality and are good when you have a smaller bathroom that doesn’t benefit from natural light, the additional lighting can make a huge difference in these bathroom designs.

Then there are the infinity mirrors, I’m sure you’ve seen these before they have lights that seem to disappear inside the mirror. These are the ideal choice for the ultra modern bathroom enabling you to make your mirror a centre piece. Don’t be fooled though, these mirrors offer good reflections and additional lighting when you need it most.

The Shelf Kind

Then you get the bathroom mirrors which incorporate shelves. These are very handy in bathrooms where you are limited in storage space. You can place all your make up and other items on the shelves and have them within easy reach of the mirror. They are stylish in design and work in both the modern and more traditional bathrooms.

Plain Bathroom Mirrors

There are my favourites, the plain bathroom mirrors. These mirrors have no lighting, no shelves, they are minimalistic which makes them the ideal choice for the ultra modern bathroom or the traditional bathroom. They come in a range of shapes and sizes which also means you can find one that works well with your overall bathroom design.

With so many bathroom mirrors to choose from, you do have to take your time and try and imagine the mirror on your wall. Remember a bathroom mirror should be a convenience but at the same time it should reflect light and be stylish, all at the same time.

The Simplistic Beauty of Walk In Shower Enclosures

Designing a bathroom takes time, planning and imagination. We all want our bathrooms to be beautiful, modern, spectacular even. Getting there takes careful planning and organization, determining what we can place in our bathroom, what products will work best and what accessories we need.

For those of us who have a large bathroom we can really splash out, going for the ultimate in luxury and design. The compact bathroom is more limited and often is where you will find a shower rather than a bath. So how do you choose the best shower, where to place everything and your final accessories?

Walk In Shower Enclosure

Curved Walk In Shower Enclosure

Bathroom Layout

Your first step in the bathroom planning process should be to measure your bathroom, this will give you an indication of what you can place in there. For larger bathrooms walk in showers look fantastic and they are practical and convenient, combine these with the simplistic beauty of the walk in shower enclosures and you will have a stylish, sophisticated and very modern bathroom design.

The aim of your bathroom layout is to ensure that all the items you want to place in your bathroom will fit and will work well together. You can measure your walk in shower to determine the best place to put it, measure your vanity, toilet and if you are also adding a bath, measure that too.


These days the majority of us go modern the minute we have the opportunity to remodel our bathrooms. The modern design is crisp, clean lines and stylish. This is where the walk in shower enclosures come in they are so minimalistic, but make a statement. A pane of clear class with chrome fittings make these shower enclosures a top choice for anyone remodelling a larger bathroom.

Keep your design flowing, if you have chosen modern with plenty of white, glass and chrome, keep that flowing throughout your design from your walk in shower enclosures to your basin, toilet and vanity.


Bathroom accessories can finish off your bathroom project beautifully. From stylish mirrors to modern radiators, combine these with your bathroom products already installed such as your walk in shower enclosure and your bathroom will be finished to perfection.

The trick is to choose everything for your new bathroom ensuring that they all blend in with each other and complement each other. Once you have achieved this and what you have chosen works in your bathroom space without compromising floor space you are left with a modern and stylish bathroom.

How to Choose Bath Taps

Bath taps and shower

Bath Tap and Shower

You would think something as simple as bath taps would be an easy choice for your new bathroom, but there are so many different style options and your choice needs to be made with care to ensure it blends in with your basin taps, shower taps and your overall bathroom design.

Can you imagine what it would look like to have traditional taps on your bath, but your entire bathroom has been completed in a minimalist modern style? It would look out of place, completely wrong and would ruin the design style you are trying to achieve.


Your Bathroom

By the time you’re ready to start shopping around for bath taps you have already chosen your bath, basin and toilet. Your tiles are chosen and you know what colour you are painting your walls, maybe you’ve decided to tile your walls. This in fact makes it easier to choose the right style of bath taps that will complement your bathroom design.

Your Taps

Sit back and picture what your final bathroom will look like. Have you chosen an ultra-modern design? Maybe you’ve gone for a more traditional look. Either way you need to start paying attention to your bath taps. Your bath taps can really make or break your bathroom design so special attention must be paid to these fittings.

There is the ZD Series of bath and shower mixer which is a wonderful addition to the modern bathroom. The single tap is a unique arched design with a rectangular shower head, both finished in a stunning chrome that blends in with any bathroom design.

The CA Series mounted bath and shower mixer is one of my firm favourites. These bath taps are guaranteed to become the centre-piece of your bathroom design with a tap with two levels to control water flow and temperature. The amazing waterfall effect from the square tap design along with the slim rectangular shower head all finished in shiny chrome will blend in with any modern bathroom design.

The QS bath filler is when you only want a tap and don’t want the advantage of a shower in your bath. These rectangular bath taps are ultra-modern with a ninety degree angled spout and minimalist button levers.

If you want to combine the old with the new then the CR Series combined the two beautifully with a spectacular cylindrical design and cross head controls, these bath taps have a straight but cylindrical shower head, ideal if you have chosen a rounded edged bath, basin and toilet.

A Luxurious Bathroom Design

Roll top bath

Double Ended Roll Top Bath

I really think at some stage we all want a little bit of luxury in our bathroom. If you are anything like me after a day of juggling work, home and the family all you want to do is soak in a hot bubble bath.

When you get into the bath and start soaking, are your surrounded by peaceful tranquillity and luxury? What I did is turn my bathroom into my own haven, a place to unwind with delightful scented candles and relaxing bath salts.


On an average day I will get up before the birds, I’m sure you’ve been there, I get everything ready for the day before waking up the family. It is then a whirlwind as everyone rushes around the house to get ready and then we all run out the door in different directions.

After work I pick up the children and get them to their after school piano lessons, football games and dance classes before dashing home to start getting tea ready. Believe me by the time everyone goes to bed I just want to climb into my roll top bath and soak the day away.

My Bathroom Designs

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a haven in your bathroom, all you need is roll top baths, wonderfully scented candles and some relaxing bubble bath or bubble salts. I lock the bathroom door and escape for about an hour each night, I think I deserve this little time to myself each night, it’s something I do for me.

The reason I chose roll top baths is because you can sink into them, they are so deep, so you’re not left with your knees sticking out or not being able to cover yourself with water when you lie back, which happens with so many of the traditional baths.

Another reason is the way they look. Roll top baths are elegant, sophisticated and stylish and the minute you place one in your bathroom it becomes the bathroom centre-piece. You can place yours flat against the wall under a window, that always looks so appealing to the eye or you can place it with one side against the wall, the roll top baths are available in a range of designs enabling you to find one that works with your overall bathroom design, so you can put your own little piece of paradise together in your bathroom.

Add An Elegant Finish To Your Bathroom With Wall Hung Vanity Units

Phoenix Wall Hung Vanity Unit

Wall Hung Vanity Unit

When you have planned your perfect bathroom for so long when it comes time that the work actually begins, it’s overwhelming. But there is one little thing you really should set some budget aside for and that’s your vanity unit.

Vanity units are essential in any bathroom, they reduce clutter and can really help keep your bathroom neat and tidy. There are so many to choose from, but if you have chosen a modern bathroom design, then the wall hung vanity units will continue the elegance and style that you have already created in your bathroom.


Wall hung vanity units come with so many advantages. Of course the first is that they are a place to store all your bathroom items from your towels to toiletries and make up, this helps reduce the amount of stuff you have lying around the bathroom, keeping it neat and tidy for those unexpected visitors.

I cannot remember how many times the doorbell has rung and I’ve run around like a crazy person trying to tidy up the bathroom. With a house full, this can be a really challenging experience, especially with teenage girls in the house that use more hair products and make up I ever knew existed. The wall hung vanity units gave them a place to store all their items, keeping my bathroom completely clutter free and keeping me sane when the door bell rings when I’m not expecting it to.


I think the greatest thing about the wall hung vanity units is the fact they are available in a range of sizes and colours which enables you to put one in your compact en-suite or your large family bathroom. Of course you want your vanity unit to blend in with your overall design and a unit that is too small will look lost on a wall in a spacious bathroom, but a large unit in a compact bathroom can really hinder the space you have available.

Being available in a selection of colours means you can carry your colour scheme through the entire bathroom, if you have gone for the minimalist look there is beautiful gloss white wall hung vanity units and if you’re looking to make a statement, there is the sleek black designs available.

The wooden wall hung vanity units are light oak in colour which really add some texture to an all white bathroom, this works really well if you have an oak door, for example.

What Bathroom Mirrors With Lights Can Do For Your Bathroom

When designing a bathroom you want a light and bright space with modern bathroom products that will give your bathroom the face lift it deserves. These days many people are choosing to renovate their homes rather than purchase new ones, giving the bathroom a make over, knocking down a wall between the living room and kitchen are all ways to enhance your home, give it a modern feel and increase your price should you decide to sell at a later stage.

Now while remodelling your bathroom is an exciting time, you need to pay careful consideration to your bathroom mirror. This may sound like a small item to worry about, but your bathroom mirror is an important item from offering you a place to do make up and hair before work to helping make the space feel bigger and brightening up the bathroom.

bathroom mirror

Bathroom Mirror with Lights

Who would have though a bathroom mirror could play such an important role, but the reality is that your bathroom mirror is one of the most important items in your bathroom along with your toilet, basin and shower or bath.

Why Mirrors Are So Important

When it comes to your bathroom mirror it has three important functions. It needs to offer you a place to do your make up and hair each day, it needs to enhance the room and make it feel bigger and most of all, it needs to offer additional light because a light and bright room always feels much larger than a dark room.

Now if you have a bathroom like mine, you are going to find a bathroom mirror with lights an absolute blessing and I’ll tell you why. I have a small bathroom, along with most people living in the UK. The problem is that I don’t have a large bathroom window with an abundance of natural light, even though my bathroom is in a light colour it still feels small.

How did I fix the problem? Well first I chose a mirror that blended in well with my overall bathroom design. Luckily bathroom mirrors with lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so that was the easy part.

The bathroom mirror with lights was carefully placed to ensure that the little bit of light I did get from the window bounces off the mirror immediately brightening up the space and making it feel bigger. At night I pop on the mirror lights for an additional light source, to keep the space feeling comfortable and yet spacious.