Spice Up Your Student Accommodation Bathroom

Because you’re a student and living in student accommodation doesn’t mean your bathroom needs to have the bare essentials in it. You can spice it up without spending a lot of money and enjoy the convenience you would enjoy if you were using your bathroom back home.

Paint Party

Whether you’re in shared accommodation or have a small studio apartment near campus you can get some friends together and give your bathroom a lick of paint. Choosing white is the best option as white gives the bathroom a brighter feel which in turn makes it feel bigger than it is. Not to mention that hanging out with friends and painting is always a great and fun way to spend the evening.


Painted Bathroom Floor and Walls


Adding some comforts from home will not only give your bathroom a more homely feel but make you more comfortable in your own space. From towels to candles and other bathroom accessories, these will all just make your bathroom look that extra special.


For student accommodation the back lit bathroom mirrors are a must, they are stylish and trendy and will make a statement in any bathroom. Never mind that they come with a range of benefits including the fact that they offer additional light in a darker bathroom, they give you place to get ready for glasses and they work as an art piece on your bathroom wall.

The advantage to the back lit bathroom mirrors is the different shapes and sizes available from round to rectangular with either vertical or horizontal lights. Placing one above the basin will not only make your student bathroom look stylish, but will give it that modern twist.


Now that you’ve given your bathroom a lick of paint, added some accessories from home and placed a back lit bathroom mirror on your wall you need space to store all your bathroom items, especially if you are sharing a bathroom.

Any bathroom can become cluttered in the blink of an eye so having adequate storage for all your products can help keep your bathroom neat at all times. You don’t need to spend a fortune, a small bathroom cupboard with just enough storage space for all your goodies can make a huge impact on your bathroom, leaving it neat and tidy and making you feel more comfortable in your student space.

Image Source (http://jpmdesign.blogspot.co.uk/2010/08/fabulous-painted-floors.html)


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