Enjoy The Best of Both With Shower Baths

I don’t know about you but I love a quick shower in the summer time and a long hot bath in the winter. Of course not all bathrooms give us the ability to have both a shower and a bath in our bathrooms, which is why the shower baths give us the ability to enjoy the best of both.

Your Bathroom Design

The great thing about shower baths is the ability to fit them into any bathroom design, both traditional and modern bathrooms can benefit from the convenience of these baths. There are also compact baths available so you can enjoy the best of both in a smaller bathroom.

shower bath

Phoenix Space Shower Bath

Be aware that shower baths come in a selection of styles, so you need to have a clear idea in your head of what you want your bath to look like, do you want a curved front if your have rounded bathroom items already in your bathroom or is a straight design a better option.

All the shower baths have 6mm toughened glass shower screens with chrome profiles which blend in beautifully with any bathroom design, enhancing the space and adding an elegant and stylish twist to your overall bathroom design.

Types of Shower Baths

There is a selection of shower baths to choose from, here are a couple of the top favourites.

The Capri shower baths have a wonderful curved from that are available in both left and right designs to fit into any bathroom. They include a 6mm toughened glass bath screen with chrome profiles.

Then there is the Napoli with a dedicated bath screen. These shower baths also come with a curved front, available in a left or right hand design with a bath screen included. So they are ready to install as soon as they arrive at your door.

The Compact with dedicated bath screen is the ideal choice for the smaller bathroom. These shower baths also have a curved front and are wider at one end than the other, they are also available in a left or right hand design depending on your preference.

If you have a modern bathroom the Taranto shower baths may be just what you are looking for with the straight front finish offering an elegant style that is wider at one end.

Another of the modern designs is the Space shower baths which are also straight in design with a slight curve that gives your new bath that bit of texture and style.

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