Finding The Best Shower Tray For Your New Bathroom Design

Shower trays come in a range of shapes and sizes, so you may feel a little overwhelmed when choosing the right tray for your new bathroom design.

The first thing you need to consider is where you want to place your shower, this can be in the corner, in a recess or against the back wall. You will need to measure the space you have available to determine what is right for the size bathroom you are working with.

D shaped shower trays available

D shaped shower trays

In general small bathrooms really work well with quadrant shower trays which fit beautifully into the concern of the bathroom, they are square or rectangular in shape with a curved edge and with a sliding door enclosure they are compact and complement the bathroom perfectly.

But what happens if you have chosen square for your modern design? You’ve already chosen the square basin taps, square shower head and square toilet, but now you need the ideal straight edged design shower tray to bring it all together and enhance your bathroom space.

Rectangle shower trays are a very popular choice in bathrooms today. They blend in beautifully with both modern and traditional bathrooms and offer the versatility of being placed in the corner, a recess or against a wall as a freestanding shower.

The biggest advantage is that these rectangle shower trays also work well as a walk in shower design, which means no doors to worry about.

As you may have guessed the biggest problem many people face when designing their bathroom is what shower doors to choose. There are the sliding doors, bi-fold doors, walk in designs and the pivot or hinged door designs.

Depending on the space you have available will determine what doors will work with your rectangular shower tray. The sliding, bi-fold and walk in designs are ideal when you are working with limited space and can’t have a door swinging open. The doors that swing open need enough space to do so without being obstructed, if they cannot open completely you are limiting the space you have to get in and out of the shower.

For larger bathrooms the rectangle shower trays placed against a wall as a freestanding shower look beautiful, using side panels and the door of your choice they are light and bright and allow the light to flow through the glass panels enhancing the bathroom design.


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