The Mistakes People Make With Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms have become very common these days, homes are being built on a smaller scale which in turn leaves you with a compact bathroom that you have the joy of designing.

Because your bathroom is small in scale doesn’t mean you can’t make it luxurious, but so many people try and fit too much into a small bathroom, leaving it cluttered, impractical and difficult to move.

Bath vs Shower

The biggest mistake I’ve seen in a small bathroom is placing a bath. Now while you can get small baths, you’re not going to be able to lie back and soak, if you lie back your knees stick out and if you straighten your legs your upper body is out of the water.

bathrooms made bigger at Kings Bathroom

Small Bathroom

This is why so many people try and fit a full size bath into a small space. A practical solution? Probably not.

The best solution for small bathrooms is a shower, such as the quadrant shower that fits neatly in the corner in either a square or rectangular design with a stylish curved edge.

Shower Enclosures

The most impractical bathroom I have ever had the joy of using was one where the owner of the property put in a pivot shower door to the corner shower. The bathroom was tiny and when you opened the shower door it couldn’t open all the way, as you can imagine I had to get in and out of the shower squeezing sideways because the door would bang on the vanity unit every time you opened it.

For smaller bathrooms use sliding doors, walk in shower enclosures and bi-folding doors, these doors don’t swing open and don’t get stuck on other bathroom items making it almost impossible to get in and out of the shower.

Toilet Placement

Possibly one of the worst bathroom designs I ever encountered was where the toilet had been placed behind the bathroom door to make space for the bath and basin. The bathroom was really compact and there wasn’t much floor space, but there is nothing worse than not being able to open the bathroom door properly because the toilet is in the way.

Planning For Small Bathrooms

Draw a complete bathroom layout when designing small bathrooms, measure the space you have available and take time choosing all your bathroom products. Ensure any doors open with ease and that you don’t compromise on floor space, this way your bathroom can benefit from a spacious feel, even if it’s only a few square feet.


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