Spa Inspired Bathroom Ideas

Spa inspired bathrooms offer a relaxing space to unwind, a delightful room which offers comfort and practicality and that makes a statement in the home. These bathrooms are designed to make you feel as though you have just visited a day spa every time you step out of them.

This style of bathroom is increasing in popularity and you are finding more spa inspired bathrooms throughout the country than ever before. What makes these bathrooms so special? It’s the ability to relax, enjoy your bathroom space and take pleasure in the fact that you have a bathroom in your home which has the “wow” factor.

whirpool bath

Napoli Airpool Bath

Size of Space

Don’t be fooled you do not need a huge bathroom to pull off the spa inspired design. Space for a toilet, basin, vanity and bath or shower is all you need. Remember these days you can get shower jets if you don’t have space for the luxurious airpool baths.

It’s how you lay out the space that’s important, spa’s are minimalistic, they maximise the use of the floor space, so planning is an important step in designing your ideal spa inspired bathroom.

Vanity Units

When you walk into a day spa the one thing you feel is immediately calm, the space is relaxing, there isn’t mountains of clutter everywhere and the natural tones help relax you. In your own bathroom you want to reduce the amount of clutter you have in the bathroom and floating, better known as wall hung, vanity units do the job perfectly. These units hang on the wall and include a basin, so you aren’t taking up too much space and they also offer more than enough storage space to keep your new bathroom neat and tidy.

The Bath

The bath you choose for your spa inspired bathroom is very important. Airpool baths work beautifully for this specific design. The air jets pump while you lie back in the bath, massaging your muscles and helping with all aching joints.

In fact airpool baths come with a range of health benefits. They are ideally suited for those with aching muscles, sore joints and poor circulation. An even bigger advantage is that they are so easy to maintain and clean and don’t need to cost you a fortune.

The airpool baths in the spa inspired bathroom design are a welcome choice, offering you that added luxury to what is already guaranteed to be a spectacular design.

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