Things to Consider When Looking At Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Quadrant shower enclosures are one of the most popular choices when it comes to shower designs. They add straight lines with seductive curves that work beautifully in both the compact and larger bathroom design.

Before you even consider any shower you need to know the space you have to work with. The best tip I can offer is to measure your entire bathroom area before you think of renovating, once you have all your measurements in place you can start shopping for various bathroom items such as quadrant shower enclosures and trays, basins and toilets.

Quadrant shower enclosure

Quadrant Shower Enclosure Tray with Plinth


Quadrant shower enclosures work beautifully in the corner of a bathroom, which is probably why they are so popular. They give you the ability to maximise your floor space and help reduce the feeling that the bathroom is too cluttered.

The design of these shower trays is rectangular or square with a rounded edge which makes them the perfect choice when choosing a shower enclosure for a corner design.

You can choose your quadrant shower enclosures before you start planning the rest of your bathroom, let the design flow through the bathroom using straight edges or rounded ones to complement the shower. Use chrome taps and radiators to blend in with the frame of the shower enclosure and bring the entire bathroom together in one neat design that will make a statement in any home.

Make the Most of the Space

Quadrant shower enclosures usually come with sliding doors which are a welcome addition to any bathroom. If you think about how you want your bathroom space to work, you don’t want the inconvenience of obstacles getting in the way of your shower door if it were to swing open, which is why sliding doors are often the most realistic choice.

Smaller bathrooms definitely benefit from the quadrant shower enclosures with the sliding door system, this gives you ample room to move around your bathroom, dry off after a shower and makes the space look so much bigger than it is.

Remember to lay your bathroom out so that your shower isn’t difficult to access, placing your toilet or basin in front of the shower will not offer you the practicality you were looking for, in fact it can be a huge mistake which makes the bathroom difficult to move around and leave you frustrated.


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