The Top LED Bathroom Mirror Designs

When you are looking for a mirror for your new bathroom design, you want a mirror that offers practicality and still makes a statement, maybe even being the focal point in your bathroom design.

LED bathroom mirrors are the most suitable of all bathroom mirrors to do this, they come with superior lighting to help you get ready in the mornings, some of them even offer a digital clock to enable you to be on time and they come in a range of designs that are guaranteed to complement any bathroom.

LEd bathroom mirror from Kings Bathroom

LED Bathroom Mirror ith Digital Clock

LED Illuminated Mirror with Steam Pad

Have you ever had a hot bath or shower and then spend five minutes wiping the steam off the mirror so you can continue getting ready? With these LED bathroom mirrors that problem is a distant memory. The mirrors are rectangular in design with an easy pull cord system to turn on and off your lighting. The de-mister pad ensures that you will always enjoy a clear reflection even if the entire bathroom is filled with steam.

LED Sensor Mirror with Shaver Socket and Steam Pad

These LED bathroom mirrors are the ultimate choice for any bathroom. The rectangular design is ideally suited for any bathroom while the shaver socket is an added advantage. These mirrors have the de-mister pad to ensure your reflection is always clear even if you have just climbed out of a steaming hot bath, but it’s the convenience of the sensors that make this mirror such a breeze, just wave your hand near the mirror and the lights will come on, no cords, buttons or switches to worry about when you’re still soaking wet.

Luminoso Misty Etch LED Mirrors with Steam Pad

The simplicity of the square design of these LED bathroom mirrors is what makes them stand out from the rest. They have LED lights all the way around the mirror offering you ample light and the sensors ensure you can turn the lights on or off without having to flip a switch or push a button.

Luminoso LED Sensor Mirror

These rectangular LED bathroom mirrors are stylish in design. While they may be the traditional rectangular shape the LED lights are located at the top in a stunning pyramid design while the digital clock located at the bottom ensures you can keep an eye on the time while you get ready in the mornings. These LED bathroom mirrors also benefit from the sensor controls, wave in front of the mirror and watch as your mirror comes alive with lights.


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