Tips On How to Update Your Bathroom The Easy Way

Often you’ll step into your bathroom and think it’s time for a change, bathroom designs change constantly. Take this year for example, it’s the year of luxury and spa inspired bathrooms.

Now unless you’re ready to do a complete bathroom make over, just a few changes and additions can update your bathroom and have it looking new again.

The Small Things

There are a few small things you can do that make a big difference, such as giving your bathroom a new paint job. Choose light colours such as white or natural tones to really enhance the space and make the bathroom feel bigger than it is.

fantasy bathroom

Fantasy Bathroom Design

Remove any chipped tiles and replace them and re-grout any areas that need it. These can be done over a weekend and it’s not expensive to make the small changes needed to give your bathroom a new lease on life.

Upgrade Your Shower

Shower heads get old and outdated and if you have a traditional bathroom, taking a look at new shower sets may be the ideal solution. Choose ones that offer you the convenience while finished in stunning chrome to really give your bathroom a boost.

Add a Radiator

A radiator in the bathroom can make a huge impact on the space, especially during the colder winter months. The bathroom radiators that you get these days are modern in design, finished to perfection in gleaming chrome and they become the centre piece of your bathroom making a statement that the bathroom is an updated space.


You don’t have to start replacing everything in the bathroom to give it an update, in fact you probably don’t want to spend too much money at all, which is why using bathroom cabinet lighting to add the additional light is so advantageous.

Bathroom cabinet lighting is available in a range of design choices to complement your new updated bathroom, give your bathroom the extra light it needs and enables you to shine the light where you need it most. You can hang these lights over your basin vanity to shine on your basin for getting ready early in the morning or have them shine over your bathroom mirror to help you get a brighter reflection when getting ready.

As you can see subtle changes can make a huge difference to your bathroom design and bring it up to date without costing a fortune.

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