Top Tips On Finding The Perfect Mirror For Your Bathroom

A bathroom mirror can make an enormous impact on your bathroom, it reflects light, highlights sections of your bathroom you want on display and its a practical and convenient item.

With so many bathroom mirrors to choose from, finding that perfect mirror comes down to three things, positioning, size and style.

LEd bathroom mirror from Kings Bathroom

LED Bathroom Mirror ith Digital Clock


You want your mirror to be placed where it best reflects light, now this may not be directly above the basin, but rather on the wall next to it. The best rule of thumb is to ascertain where the natural light flows, placing a mirror on the wall which gets the most natural light will immediately make your bathroom lighter.

If you have chosen a modern bathroom with luxury items, you may prefer highlighting a certain aspect of the bathroom, such as a feature wall. In this case placing your mirror on the opposite wall will enhance the area you are looking to display.


The size of the bathroom mirror is as important on where you choose to position it. The size needs to fit in with the rest of your bathroom size, as you can imagine a large mirror on a small wall will look out of place. You need to measure the wall space available and then choose a mirror that complements the space the best, this may be a smaller bathroom mirror with shelves, which adds style to your design.


There is a wide selection of bathroom mirrors on the market from those with LED lights to the striking infinity designs. Bathroom mirrors with shelves are a practical choice especially if you need additional storage space. The shelves can be used to place bathroom items or scented candles to add that splash of colour.

The styles available for bathroom mirrors with shelves include square, round and even hexagonal shapes, each one designed to complement the bathroom design. Remember the best rule is if you have chosen a modern bathroom with square bathroom products that give off that straight edge, then a square mirror is best suited.

In some cases the hexagonal bathroom mirrors with shelves also work beautifully in these modern bathrooms, changing the shape slightly but still offering the straight edges that enhance the minimalistic design.

Choose your bathroom mirror with care, imagine it on the wall and how it will blend in with your bathroom design.

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