Be In Control of Your Bathroom Design

How often have you had that perfect bathroom design in your head, but when it comes down to the putting the final pieces of the puzzle together, you find that you can’t put your shower where you wanted? This is probably one of the most frustrating parts of any bathroom design.

You want your bathroom to look exactly like you wanted. You want your shower exactly where you intended placing it and there is no reason you should not be in complete control of your design. Don’t let your bathroom be in control of you, put your foot down and get what you want.

glass side panel

Side Panel with Hinge Door

The Convenience of Shower Panels

Right so you have chosen the perfect shower tray, a nice big rectangular tray which can fit against the back wall of your bathroom. Now you already have the wall which you can waterproof and tile and you have your door chosen. Maybe a stylish pivot or hinged door or may the concertina design of a bi-fold shower door. The problem is that you still have two sides open to the elements. You immediately go into overdrive imagining that you will have to rethink your bathroom design. Think again, shower panels are the solution.

Shower panels are panes of glass, they are thickened and they fill in the open spaces. This gives you control of your design and choose exactly where you want your shower to be placed.

If you have chosen a design that turns your shower into a centre piece along the back wall of the bathroom, you can have it. All you need then is to tile the back wall and ensure it’s water tight, have your door selected and two shower panels to close off the two open sides of your shower.

The advantage is that you can place your shower wherever you want, in the corner of the bathroom with two sides being already enclosed by all, one with the door and one with a shower panel. It’s a quick and easy solution which stops you from having to rethink your design.

Better yet because the shower panels are a pane of glass they let the light flow freely through them, as we all know light helps make the bathroom feel bigger than it is. There is nothing more stylish and elegant than a light and bright bathroom filled with white products, plenty of glass and chrome.


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