Decorate Your Bathroom Wall With Style

A bathroom wall doesn’t have to be a bland and blank space, you can add useful items that not only serve a convenience in the bathroom, but that add a design to your wall.

If you think of a bathroom that has nothing on the walls, it’s going to look like a blank canvass, boring with nothing to offer. Now you don’t want to add pretty pictures on the walls, but there are three ideas on ways you can add something that makes the wall stand out.

mirror cabinets

Mirror Cabinet with Lights

Feature Walls

With so many bathroom designs moving in the direction of luxury this year, feature walls are becoming very popular. A feature wall can be one bright wall surrounded by white walls, a decoration wall made of stone or a wall that has something unique and special, maybe something so out there, such as a water wall. Why not? It’s your bathroom.

Designer Radiators

Another great bathroom feature that is placed on a wall is designer radiators. Gone are those ugly white radiators that are mounted to the floor, the bathroom radiators are decorative and serve a great purpose.

From the warmth they provide to the fact you can place your towel over them to offer you a warm towel to wrap around you when you get out of the shower or bath, decorative radiators are a stylish and elegant addition to any bathroom design.

Mirror Cabinets with Lights

Another fantastic addition to a bathroom wall is the mirror cabinets with lights. These offer functionality, practicality, convenience and they are decorative. You can place your cabinet strategically so that it enhances the space by bouncing the natural light you get from the window into the bathroom space. This will help make the bathroom feel more spacious, light and bright.

These mirror cabinets with lights offer other great benefits. They offer a storage space for all your smaller bathroom items, immediately reducing the clutter in the bathroom. The biggest problem with many bathrooms today is not having enough storage.

They also offer extra light, now if you have a darker bathroom that doesn’t benefit from natural light, the mirror cabinets with lights offer that extra light that can make such a huge difference to the space. Never mind the lights ensure that you enjoy a clear reflection when getting ready in the morning and rushing to work. Having your toiletries, make up or shaving items in the cabinet and then having the mirror and lights right there to shave minutes off your time each morning.


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