The Perfect Bathroom Valentines Gifts

It’s Valentines Day, a day of love, romance and spoiling that special someone in your life. Chocolates and flowers have been overdone and are so over rated, why not find great bathroom items that will make her bathroom experience a pleasant one?

Now you could offer a complete bathroom remodel, gutting the bathroom and design your loved one a spectacular spa inspired modern bathroom or you can make some subtle changed, add a designer radiator, buy her a new bathroom cabinet or better yet, give the bathroom a clean, giving her a break from the mundane task.

Other great Valentines ideas for the bathroom include things to spoil her, when she gets home from work tonight she can go and relax in a wonderful bath while you get the children ready for bed.

Valentines Day Ideas

Candles, Petals and Wine

Make a Bathroom Gift Pack

Spend some time today finding those luxurious bath items that will make her day, all you need is a bottle of bubble bath, a scented candle, some heart shaped soaps and some bath scents.

Get some red paper and a ribbon, place all the items in a basket and wrap it up, welcome her home with the children being fed and bathed, leaving the bathroom just for her to enjoy her special gift pack.

Other Items

If you don’t have time to make a gift pack, Valentines gifts for the bathroom can be a snugly bath robe in bright red to mark the special day. Or find some heart shaped soaps, place them in the bathroom with rose petals in the toilet and bath, just ways you can make your bathroom a special place on this romantic day.

It’s true that with our busy family and work lives we don’t spend enough quality time together, it’s the little things we do that show our loved ones how much we care. If you’re thinking of giving the bathroom a good clean and then adding rose petals here is how you can go about it.

What you may not know is that vinegar mixed with water is one of the best cleaning agents for your bathroom. Vinegar gets all water and soap marks off glass and mirrors with ease. Spray cleaner into the bath and basin, add some bleach down the toilet and start wiping the mirror and shower enclosure with vinegar and water.

Once the mirror and glass surfaces are done, wipe out the bath, by now the cleaner has dug into the grime and made it easy to wipe off, give the toilet a flush and you’re ready for the rose petals.


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