Hinged Door Shower Enclosures – A Stylish Finish To Your Bathroom

Choosing a shower enclosure should be easy, but with so many to choose from you may be hesitant on which one is the right option for your bathroom. Hinged shower doors offer style and elegance to any bathroom space, they can blend in with your bathroom design assisting you in finishing your bathroom to perfection.

What you will notice when looking at hinged door shower enclosures is that you have two options available, there are framed and frameless designs and you choice can be determined depending on whether you are working with a modern or traditional bathroom.

hinged shower door

Bow Hinged Shower Door

The framed designs are finished in chrome helping it blend in beautifully with your bath and basin taps, shower head, shower valves and your designer radiator, if you have one. These are perfect for both modern and traditional bathroom designs. The gentle curve of the door offers additional showering space, but be sure your enclosure is bowed, these hinged door shower enclosures only work with the Sloegrin shower trays, matching perfectly and ensuring that the shower is fully enclosed, reducing the risk of leaks.

The frameless hinged door shower enclosures are the ideal choice for both ultra-modern and modern bathroom designs following through with the minimalist design. The chrome handle blends in with the rest of your fixtures and fittings while the plain glass of the enclosure allows light to flow through with ease, making the space feel lighter and brighter.

The Best Match

Of course your shower enclosure will depend on the shower tray you intend on placing in the bathroom. For example, the frameless hinged door shower enclosures work beautifully in a recess space where you have chosen to place a shower with straight edges and a modern finish.

You always need to take the space you have into consideration when choosing these shower doors because they do open up into the bathroom. The hinge allows the door to swing open with ease giving you a large opening to get in and out of the shower. If you think you may have obstacles in the way, be sure to measure and then measure again, as there is nothing worse than your shower door not opening completely and having to squeeze through the opening.

When you choose the hinged door shower enclosures for your bathroom you can enjoy an elegant and stylish finish to your design, a centre piece of your bathroom that is cool and modern.


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