Ways To Reduce Your Bathroom Clutter

One of the biggest things we struggle with in our bathrooms is the clutter. What I am talking about is mess, have you noticed how a bathroom can become messy within minutes, toiletries everywhere, shaving items and even hair care products?

While a messy bathroom isn’t dirty, the mess ruins the entire look of a bathroom and can leave you running around in a panic if a guest arrives at your door unexpectedly. I personally hate clutter in the bathroom, I have worked hard to design my bathroom into a modern oasis with plenty of glass, chrome and light colours and towels lying everywhere, medicines left on the edge of the basin and make up left on the window sill is not my idea of a perfect bathroom space.

vanity unit

Vanity Unit and Basin

Bathroom Cabinets

One of the ways to reduce the clutter is to consider bathroom cabinets that can hang on the wall above or next to your basin. These are ideal for the smaller bathroom items such as medicines, some toiletries, make up and shaving items, but they are not suitable for the larger items such as your clean towels, shampoos and conditioners.

Placing a mirrored cabinet on the wall can immediately offer you some storage along with a practical and functional mirror which can assist to bounce natural light into the room helping achieve the sense of space.

Vanity Units

Vanity units are such a practical bathroom product that includes ample storage combined with your basin. The advantage to this is that you maximise your floor space while reducing the clutter, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Personally I prefer the wall hung vanity units which make cleaning so much easier. These units hang on the wall, which really assists with the feeling of space and makes the bathroom look stylish with a floating cupboard.

With the choices available you can include a wall hung vanity unit into the smallest cloakroom or into the most spacious of bathrooms. There are single door units, double door units and those with drawers rather than cupboards, all offers ample storage for your clean towels, toiletries and so much more.

The fact that the wall hung vanity unit is available in a choice of colours is a big bonus. If you are looking for that modern and minimalist design, the white gloss works beautifully, but if you want to make a statement and add a splash of colour or texture these units come in black and light oak, just what you need to compliment the space.


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