The Top Five Bath Taps For Modern Bathroom Designs

When it comes to bath taps I believe in matching the design to the overall style of the bathroom. In a modern bathroom you are looking for sleek, minimalist and elegant and you want the taps in your bath to match those in your shower and basin, carrying the design through the entire bathroom space.

There are a large selection of bath taps ideal for the modern bathroom, but these are my top five, my personal favourites that I believe will compliment the space adding that “wow” factor.

bath mixer tap

WF Series Bath Mixer Tap

ZD Series 4 Hole Deck Mounted Bath and Shower Mix

The ZD Series has an integrated shower head making your bath taps even more functional. These bath taps are a single unit which includes a rectangular shower head which tapers at the bottom with a gentle curve which is very sleek and stylish. This unit is a modern square design to blend in beautifully with a modern bathroom.

OV Series 5 Hole Deck Mounted Bath and Shower Mix Tap

These bath taps are minimalistic in design and super stylish. The tap itself is rectangular with a ninety degree angle and the shower head is simple and rectangular, giving it that perfect finish. The controls are cross head in design offering your bath that perfect finish.

WF Series Deck Mounted Bath Filler

The WF Series bath filler does not incorporate a shower, but offers an ultra-modern waterfall effect tap that will compliment any modern bathroom space. These bath taps are a rectangular base with a unique spout in the centre with controls on either end, one for flow and the other to manage the temperature.

XR Series 5 Hole Deck Mounted Bath Shower Mix

These bath taps introduce a beautiful style into the modern bathroom with a sleek rectangular shower head combined with a modern tap with ninety degree angle. The three single lever controls add ease of use to the sleek and stylish design.

WF Series Deck Mounted Bath Shower Mix

This WF Series incorporates a shower while still following through with the unique and ultra-modern design. These bath taps are modern, stylish and elegant with a rectangular shower head and a flat rectangular base with unique spout offering a waterfall effect when filling your bath. The controls can be found on either side allowing you to control your water flow and temperature with ease.

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