Finding The Best Mirror For Your Modern Bathroom Design

Bathroom mirrors are essential in any bathroom, they offer a host of benefits and make a bland wall into a masterpiece. When working with a modern bathroom design where you want to keep everything minimalistic, plain bathroom mirrors are the ideal choice.

Plain bathroom mirrors are what they are, plain, minimalist and stylish. These mirrors work beautifully in any ultra modern or modern bathroom design as they are available in a range of shapes and sizes to compliment your bathroom space.

A Choice of Shapes

When you think of plain bathroom mirrors you probably have a plain rectangular mirror design in mind. You’ll be amazed at the great shapes available to compliment any bathroom space. If you have chosen straight edges throughout your bathroom with rectangular or square fixtures and fittings, then I do suggest a rectangular mirror. But if you have gentle curves, round or oval fixtures and fittings you can choose from oval plain bathroom mirrors to the etched designed mirror, which is rectangular in shape being wider at the top than the bottom with gentle curved edges to fit in with your design with ease.

Mirror with Lights

Argento Wave Mirror with Lights

Selection of Sizes

It is so important that you choose the right size when looking at plain bathroom mirrors. A small mirror in a large bathroom will look completely out of place as will a large mirror in a smaller or compact bathroom.

Measure your wall, determine the right sized mirror before you start looking at the shapes available. You can find plain bathroom mirrors in sizes from 60cm right up to 100cm.


What you may not realise is how important the placement of plain bathroom mirrors are to the bathroom design. Mirror reflect light and in a modern bathroom you want to achieve a light and bright space.

See how the light flows through your bathroom during the day and then mount your plain bathroom mirror where it will reflect the most light, your mirror will bounce the light into the space giving your bathroom a spacious, light and bright feel automatically.

You’ll also want to ensure that you place the mirror in a convenient space. While your bathroom may get the most amount of light in the far corner, you should choose a wall close to the basin that benefits from light. This way you benefit from the light and practicality in one easy step.


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